7awi Launches MENA Rewards

A Market Research Panel Monitoring the Region’s Consumer Insights and Behaviors

  • Publish date: Monday، 08 November 2021
7awi Launches MENA Rewards

[Dubai, UAE – 8th November 2021] 7awi, the region’s leading digital media publishing company, launches MENA Rewards, a market research and consumer insights panel that is a trusted source of consumer feedback in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) working with brands and organizations focused on consumer insights and behavior.

“Our mission is to make the voice of the consumers heard and provide reliable marketing data and insights. At MENA Rewards, consumers' opinions are collected, studied, and analyzed to support various organizations to drive better and faster decisions on their products, services, and marketing approach. The consumer is empowered to transform the services and products that matter to them on a daily basis!” said Murad Al Mousa, Research Operations Manager of MENA Rewards.

MENA Rewards conducts surveys on a diverse range of topics including but not limited to shopping, technology, and services. Survey participants receive rewards that can be redeemed via PayPal, e-vouchers, or products. Referrals also merit extra points. To create an account, participants can register online or download the free app.

MENA Rewards is a secure platform that guarantees audience privacy. Participant data is not shared with third parties and only uses essential information to create profiles through its platform. The website assures that participants will not be receiving any form of advertising or any other unsolicited messages from third parties. Survey responses cannot be tracked back to the individual.

With the launch of MENA Rewards, 7awi Media Group solidifies its commitment to championing the Arabic consumer by amplifying their voices through its various platforms.


About MENA Rewards

MENA Rewards is a trusted market research and consumer insights panel monitoring the region’s consumer insights and behaviors. It offers paid online and mobile surveys on a variety of topics including shopping, technology, products, and services. You can sign up through this link.

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About 7awi Media Group

Established in 2012, 7awi is the leading independent digital media publisher and advertising solutions platform in the Middle East and North Africa. 7awi owns and operates a portfolio of websites including Layalina, Ra2ej, Alqiyady, ArabsTurbo, Sa2eh, and many more.  7awi platforms reach over 10 million monthly unique views and 65 million followers on social media.

Its other businesses include Casper Studio, an advanced content management system, MENA Rewards, an insights and market research website, Social Camels, a full-service marketing agency, and the Layalina Production Studio.

7awi's head office is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with satellite offices in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey. 


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