7awi Media Group Launches “Dunia Helwa” Digital Platform

Dunia Helwa (The World is Beautiful) serves as a storytelling destination to share hope and humanity.

  • Publish date: Monday، 08 August 2022
7awi Media Group Launches “Dunia Helwa” Digital Platform

The past few years have tested the resolve of humanity. 7awi believes that humans are good and humans will continue to reflect on positiveness, happiness, and doing good for others. Whether it’s a story about giving, survival, fighting evil, or rescuing a cat, humanity will always play a big role in our lives and Dunia Helwa will reflect on such stories and inspire others to be part of spreading good news and deeds. 

Every single home has been impacted around the world, with people losing loved ones or being unable to be with them when they are in need, losing jobs, watching their lives be impacted, and occasionally feeling hopeless. Yet, in times like these, people from all walks of life have stepped up to help, extend a hand, share, and even offer up their own wealth to the less fortunate. 

The pandemic, wars, and refugees, and natural disasters have all been a reason for humans to come together.  

Our mission at 7awi is to inform and entertain the youth, but we also have a responsibility to spread goodness, aspirations, hope, and positivity. This is why we decided to launch Dunia Helwa, a destination to spread happiness and hope. This destination was entirely developed on a voluntary basis. Our own employees found the time to make it happen in a record time, despite their daily workload. They realized this is a responsibility that goes beyond their career and jobs. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by such responsible employees, said Anas (Andy) Abbar, CEO and Co-Founder of 7awi.com. 

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