7awi Media Group Reaches 2.51 Billion Minutes of Total Viewing Time

across all its Snapchat channels in 2021

  • Publish date: Thursday، 10 February 2022 Last update: Friday، 11 February 2022
7awi Media Group Reaches 2.51 Billion Minutes of Total Viewing Time

7awi Media Group is one of the largest digital media and publishing groups providing Arabic content on Snapchat in the MENA region and worldwide. It has achieved tremendous success across various social media platforms particularly its Snapchat shows.

Priding itself on the most diverse and engaging Arabic content on Snapchat, 7awi Media Group has managed to attract a variety of audiences with over 150 million unique visitors -- including 87 million visitors from Saudi Arabia, 7.47 million from the United Arab Emirates, and 7.2 million visitors from Kuwait – and a booming 12.7 million subscribers, achieving an astonishing 2.51 billion minutes of total viewing time.

To celebrate the glorious success, Anas Abbar, founding partner and CEO of 7awi Media Group, stated: "7awi, including its various platforms, strives to keep pace with the latest trends and attract various audiences, particularly the youth, across diverse platforms. Therefore, our success on Snapchat bears witness to our successful endeavors! However, we are keen on achieving more."

"We are seeking to explore the future, while learning more about the latest trends that matter to the public in such a way as to keep up-to-date with the ideas of young people and always offer innovative and new content to ultimately achieve our main goal that is enriching the Arabic digital content," he added.

Alongside its social media platforms and websites, 7awi Media Group shows are undoubtedly a key audience driver to the Snapchat platform, as each of these Arabic topic-specific channels is thoroughly tailored to target various audiences in such a way as to share their interests and preferences in various fields including entertainment, celebrity news, food, economy, scientific discoveries, local events, tourism, and many more. The channels include:

About 7awi Media Group

Established in 2012, 7awi is the leading independent digital media publisher and advertising solutions platform in the Middle East and North Africa. 7awi owns and operates a portfolio of 15 brands and websites including Layalina, Layalina Privee, Ra2ej, AlqiyadyArabsTurbo, Sa2eh, Tajuki, Babonej, Yummy, UAE Moments, and Bahrain Moments. 7awi platforms reach over 10 million monthly viewers, 20 million monthly visits, 60 million monthly page views, and 65 million followers on social media. 

Its other businesses include Casper Studio, an advanced content management system, Menarewards, insights and market research panel, Social Camels, an integrated digital marketing agency, and the Layalina Production Studio. 

7awi's head office is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates with satellite offices in Jordan, Egypt, and Turkey. 


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