A Rare “Blue Hole” Discovered in Abu Dhabi

  • Publish date: Sunday، 10 October 2021
A Rare “Blue Hole” Discovered in Abu Dhabi
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The Environment Agency Abu Dhabi said a rare “blue hole” has been discovered in the Arabian Gulf in lies just off Al Dhafra in Abu Dhabi.

The rare ‘blue hole’ is about 12 metres deep, 200 metres wide and has an area of about 45,000 square metres it’s known as a underwater sinkhole.

This unique habitat holds at least 10 types of coral species, forming a reef at the edges of the hole. The blue hole is also home to many fish communities and provides shelter for a variety of fish such as Grouper, Sweetlips, Emperor Fish and Jackfish. 

Experts will conduct an environmental assessment survey of the unique ecosystem to learn more about its geological composition. This will involve mapping the area and analysing seawater. The agency will also conduct scientific and topographic surveys.

“These unique structures attract divers from all over the world and are home to fringing reefs and diverse fish species, and at their depths, they host diverse microbial communities,” said the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi.

The deepest blue hole, The Yongle, lies in the South China sea and reaches300 meters. Other internationally famous blue holes include the Great Blue Hole in Belize, Gozo’s Blue Hole in Malta, the Blue Hole at Dabahb in Egypt and Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.