Build Your Future Kitchen With LG Smart Appliances

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 15 February 2022 Last update: Wednesday، 16 February 2022
Build Your Future Kitchen With LG Smart Appliances

The kitchen is one of the most advanced rooms in the house, a lot of kitchen appliances take up all of the counter space. Hence, with the boom of AI technologies, smart kitchen appliances started filling up kitchen counters left and right. LG made sure to develop amazing products to help you with your daily meal preparation. 

Today we introduce you to the top LG smart appliances that would make your everyday hustle in the kitchen easy and efficient, connecting them to the LG ThinQ app

Control your fridge anytime anywhere 

With the LG ThinQ app and LG Smart fridges, many features can make your life smarter, faster, and more efficient, such as: 

  • Smart Diagnosis™ lets you troubleshoot any issues your fridge faces, which means less time in repairing and fewer costs for its efficiency. 
  • Adjusting fridge settings remotely, LG fridges are compatible with the LG ThinQ app, and you can quickly fix your fridge settings when you buy large amounts of foods or drinks. 
  • Seeing inside the fridge with instaview fridges from the tinted glass panel saves you a lot of energy from opening the fridge door. 

Build Your Future Kitchen With LG Smart Appliances 

A smart dishwasher that saves you money  

With the LG ThinQ app, you can be connected to your dishwasher any day, any time and customize it to your hearts’ content: 

  • Customize your wash cycles and download new ones for glassware, night care, Pots & Pans, and washing Casseroles instead of the regular preinstalled wash cycles. 
  • Or simply create your wash cycles by using your smartphone by selecting different cleaning options. 
  • Machine Clean Reminder, after 30 cycles, the indicator lighting up to remind you will let you know that it is time to clean your dishwasher by running a cleaning cycle. 
  • Solve the issues with your smartphone with Smart Diagnosis™ and fix any problems quickly. 

With smart dishwashers, you can no longer worry about forgetting to turn on the dishwasher before leaving the house! Instead, check anything anywhere and anytime. 

Build Your Future Kitchen With LG Smart Appliances

One smart app for all your appliances  

Simplify your life with LG ThinQ app, you can stay connected and upgrade your game with your smart app, as LG ThinQ is powered by machine learning. It does analyze and study your pattern and preferences for a personalized experience, not only that it gives you proactive care for your appliances, and is very energy efficient as it saves you both money and time. 

Build Your Future Kitchen With LG Smart Appliances 

Get smart products from LG for smart better life, and download the LG ThinQ app to start your journey today.