CANADA AND INDIA: Weakening Bonds Arising From Years Of Friendship

  • Vansh MalhotraAuthor: Vansh Malhotra Publish date: Friday، 22 September 2023
CANADA AND INDIA: Weakening Bonds Arising From Years Of Friendship

For decades, Canada and India have shared a deep bond of friendship with each other. Peace and harmony have always connected these countries together. Canada is known for being home to one of the largest populations of Indian expats, immigrants and students, as it has welcomed multiculturalism and diversity in its land. Most natives residing in India have never failed to sprinkle their love for Canada due to joyful relations persisting between these countries for decades. However, life is a constant change; Nothing is permanent, even long-lasting connections are temporary, and the weakening bonds between these countries are the perfect example of life’s uncertainty. 


CANADA AND INDIA: Weakening Bonds Arising From Years Of Friendship

The Khalistan Movement is a separatist movement protesting to build a homeland for Sikhs by separating Punjab from India. The roots of this movement have gained popularity in Canada, especially in parts like Brampton and Surrey, where most of the Sikh population is concentrated. The Sikhs openly organized rallies and riots against India by claiming their vision of Khalistan. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not implement any action against the Khalistan Movement. In fact, he has been believed to even secretly support their campaigns against India by funding them and providing them more opportunities to protest. As a result, these two countries’ relationship has become strained. 

THE G20 Summit 

CANADA AND INDIA: Weakening Bonds Arising From Years Of Friendship

The G20 Summit 2023 held in India observed a tense relationship between PM Trudeau and the Indian PM Narendra Modi as PM Modi expressed to the Canadian PM about the risks associated with the Khalistan Movement and raised accusations against him for being ignorant to all the protests happening in Canada. PM Trudeau also responded bitterly without any regrets about his decision. It is terrifying to observe the two countries breaking apart from each other. 


CANADA AND INDIA: Weakening Bonds Arising From Years Of Friendship

For the first time in history, India took the initiative to ban tourists belonging to a country from the West from entering its territory when it announced its decision to suspend visas for Canadian nationals and tourists. Due to the tension of the diplomatic fights rising between these countries, PM Modi considered taking such a step to express his lack of consent against PM Trudeau’s ignorance. People worldwide remain stunned and unable to believe a long-lasting friendship eroding into a silent rivalry. Some assume that Canada would also initiate suspending visas to Indian nationals. It is unpredictable to say when the political relationships between these countries will begin to improve.

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