Cleaning Gets Simpler with LG CordZero A9

  • Publish date: Thursday، 23 May 2024
Cleaning Gets Simpler with LG CordZero A9

When it comes to cleaning the house, we would always love it to be an easy task. Finding the right appliances helps in making the process quicker and easier. LG CordZero A9 Core, is a wireless vacuum cleaner designed to make cleaning more efficient.

Powerful Suction

The LG CordZero A9 Core is designed with Smart Inverter Motor™ which gives powerful performance and great suction that picks up dirt, dust, and debris from various surfaces. This vacuum cleaner guarantees impeccable cleanliness every time, whether it's cleaning hardwood floors, tiles, or carpets.

Because of its brushless construction, the Smart Inverter Motor™ generates very little mechanical friction when in use. Because of the increased durability of the motor, LG is able to provide a 10-year warranty for the motor.


By compressing the hair and dust that has accumulated in the trash, the LG KOMPRESSOR™ technology helps you save time. You will need to empty the trash can less frequently due to the compaction of hair and dust, which can reach up to 2.4 times the uncompressed capacity. To empty, just push down the Kompressor lever while the door is open to release the contents.

Dual Batteries and Charging Options

When it comes to having a cordless vacuum there’s always the concern that the battery is going to run out of charge. That is easily solved as the LG CordZero A9 Core comes with two rechargeable batteries. Which will allow you to charge one battery when the other is in use, and not have to wait for it in order to complete your cleaning spree.

There are three convenient ways to keep the CordZero™ handstick in your home: wall-mount, floor-stand, and compact modes.

Versatility and Ease

The LG CordZero A9 Core comes with multiple attachments, making it versatile for different cleaning tasks. It includes Power Drive™ Multi-Surface Nozzle for deep cleaning carpets, and Slim Power Drive™ for removing dust, dirt, and pet hair. As well as a crevice tool for hard-to-reach areas, and a combination tool for dusting and cleaning furniture. These attachments are very helpful and make your user experience 10x easier.

It is designed with 4 extension levels, which will allow you to adjust the length depending on your ideal height that will ensure your comfort.

Easy Maintenance

Maintaining the LG CordZero A9 Core can be a very simple process. It features a washable filter that can be easily removed and cleaned, ensuring that the vacuum operates at its best. It also has a five-step filtration system that removes particles by first separating suctioned dust in the dust bin and then filtering the residual fine dust.

Smart Control

You will be able to remotely check on your LG CordZero A9 Core by using the ThinQ app, which will give you all the required notifications about the status of your vacuum, like checking the filter and when your battery is charged and help you run diagnosis about your vacuum history.

Discover more about LG Vacuum Cleaners by visiting LG’s official website.