Cook your favorite recipes with LG NeoChef Microwave & Ovens

  • Publish date: Sunday، 19 December 2021
Cook your favorite recipes with LG NeoChef Microwave & Ovens

Upgraded the microwave experience with their LG NeoChef Technology, you will have cooking abilities like no other! With the smart inverter technology and a book full of recipes, the LG Neochef microwave oven can do just about anything from heating food, defrosting meat and veggies to even cooking those fresh veggies, LG NeoChef microwave ovens will become your best friend as we enter the coldest month of the year soon in January and meal prep can sometimes become such a big hustle, especially for working individuals. 

Endless amazing recipes  

LG has got an entire cookbook available with countless microwave-only recipes available on their cookbook on the website, and guess what? They look extremely professional, everything can be made with LG NeoChef microwave oven from Curry plates, to stuffed tomatoes and even rice dishes like Kabsa! The technology is just on another level. 


Smart inverter technology with precise temperatures  

LG smart inverter technology has got an amazing and very precise cooking power that will make reheating and defrosting very fast to do, LG NeoChef microwave oven provides different levels of power control between 300 to 1200 watts, as well as humidity sensing technology that will turn the microwave off as soon as the food is completely cooked, this technology prevents your food from being overcooked or undercooked inside the microwave. 

 LG microwave

Enough power for fast meals 

LG NeoChef microwave oven has reduced cooking time for any dishes that goes up to 1200W of power, so, for example, let us say you were making a simple glass of milk that usually takes 1:10 mins will take 0:44 mins from you with its increased power, less time-consuming. 

LG smart inverter

Say goodbye to Bacteria with EasyClean™ 

The anti-bacterial system easy clean from LG NeoChef microwave oven ensures an interior coating inside the LG NeoChef microwave oven that is simple and convenient as the dish is made from Zeolite, users do not have to scrub or rub harshly, all they got to do is wipe it simply with a couple of wipes, and the interior is cleaned, 99,99% of the bacteria is gone after that. 

LG neochef microwave

Food that will never spill 

With its sleek design and hexagonal ring, the turntable table of LG has got 6 support points that prevent items from off-centering, and spilling during cooking, so the next time you put anything liquid inside it, do not worry about anything spilling off from the sides, and having to clean the interior all over again, the LG NeoChef microwave oven let nothing of your food spill out.  

LG neo chef microwave 

Do you prefer classic ovens? 

If you are a lover of traditional baking and enjoy placing a tray of veggies or cookies to bake inside the oven and watch as they puff out with their crispy exterior and amazing interior, LG has got a wide range of ovens and a lot of recipes perfect for a warm meal after a long day, the new technology of dual heating, makes baking food consumes less time than it usually does. 

Where to buy? 

Are you looking for a place to buy LG microwave oven?  

LG NeoChef microwave oven makes a wonderful difference in your everyday life and cooking experience. No more worrying about baking a quick meal for your family after a long day, or worrying about your microwave not handling different cooking. Get yours today and visit LG UAE to learn more about their latest products.