Corsets: Celebrities Experience

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 08 June 2022 Last update: Thursday، 09 June 2022
Corsets: Celebrities Experience

Hourglass body... What does that mean to you? You must have always dreamed of a slender waist and a seductive body similar to an hourglass. This dream haunts all women at all times as it is the most beautiful body shape ever, thus body corsets have been made since ancient times to make this dream come true.

As celebrities have a close connection with the world of beauty, you see many celebrities wearing body corsets to highlight their body curves, and many of them have shared their experiences with their followers. Here is a group of famous celebs who wear corsets to highlight the beauty of their bodies.

Cyrine Abdel Nour

Cyrine Abdel Nour revealed on her Instagram account that wearing corsets helped her to get a sculpted body, especially after giving birth. As for the type of corsets she uses, Cyrine praised the quality of Brazilian corsets, Metro Brazil corsets in particular, which meet the needs of each and every woman whatever the shape of her body is.

Roaa Al Sabban

The famous Emirati presenter and actress, Roaa Al Sabban, revealed one of the secrets of her beauty and perfect shape, which is the use of high-quality Brazilian corsets she purchased from the famous website "Metro Brazil". In one of her snaps, Roaa shared with her followers the type of corset she usually uses, encouraging them to follow her steps to get a flawless body shape.

Hind Al Qahtani

Hind Al Qahtani has recently become the new face of Brazilian corsets ads from Metro Brazil, as she appeared in several videos on her Snapchat account to talk about the quality of these products and how they helped her highlight the aesthetics of her body. Hind constantly encourages her followers to wear these corsets without any fear of any adverse effects because of their high quality which enables the wearer to put them on all day long without feeling uncomfortable.


Amal Al Awadi

Kuwaiti singer and actress Amal Al Awadi has shared with her followers the secrets of her fitness and beauty. In addition to the diet she follows and the exercises she regularly practices, Amal wears Brazilian-made body corsets that give her an hourglass-like body for a distinctive feminine look. Amal praises the quality of Metro Brazil products and encourages her followers to buy them for a slim and perfect body shape.


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