Dubai Police and Dubai Sports Council Launch ‘Play it Right’

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 20 April 2021
Dubai Police and Dubai Sports Council Launch ‘Play it Right’
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Dubai Police and Dubai Sports Council have launched ‘Play it Right’ initiative, which encourages members of the community to remain active during the month of Ramadan by playing sports while complying with the precautionary measures for COVID-19.

The initiative promotes sports and physical activity in a number of private and public places, such as sports clubs, neighborhood parks and playgrounds, indoor halls, academies and schools, aquatic centers and swimming pools, as well as fitness centers and private clubs.


The initiative will also carry awareness messages about the necessity of obtaining official approval from the management of the sports facility before training and playing at that facility, and fully complying with the rules and protocols of each sports facility, as well as choosing the right time for training and playing by checking the official times approved for every sports facility or public playground.

‘Play it Right’ initiative urges sports facility owners and managers to make sure they strictly apply all the official preventive measures and protocols imposed for the safety of sports practitioners. Inspections teams from Dubai Sports Council will keep visiting the facilities to check on their compliance.

Stay healthy and safe this Ramadan while making sure you do not neglect your physical health.