Elevate Your Living Room with LG OLED Pose TV

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 07 February 2023
Elevate Your Living Room with LG OLED Pose TV

Occasionally, we like to have a pleasant change or things added to our living rooms. as it is one of the places in our house that we spend most of our time in. Getting artistic with home décor items may look nice, but having an artistic-looking TV will look even more unique. If you are looking to have more of a modern and artistic twist added to your living room, then you should consider getting an LG OLED Pose 55-inch 4K smart TV.

A Design Like No Other

Most people tend to prefer modern, minimalist, and unique décor styles for their homes to give them a comfortable yet chic aesthetic. For the first time, you will be able to find a TV that matches your style vision yet has all the picture-perfect features. LG OLED Posé has a design that is beautiful from every perspective and blends in with your decor so that you may appreciate it from every angle that you see it from.

It was imagined by the famous interior design company, Moooi, at Milan Design Week 2022. It matches their innovative and inspiring style that merges minimalism with luxury.

LG OLED Pose has a round edge shape that has a smooth and soft texture and a design that is distinctly unlike any other TV and will be a special addition to any room you place it in.

Elevate Your Living Room with LG OLED Pose TV

Versatile Back

LG OLED Pose is designed to be a part of your furniture and for you to utilize it in the way you see fit. You can use it as a decorative shelf to display your favorite art and fashion magazines. Also, it is important in any house to keep it organized and tidy, and what can be more annoying than a jumble of wires that ruins the overall look of any space? LG OLED Pose ensures that everything is kept organized by the Cable & Accessory Organizer, which is hidden below the Clean Cover for a nice, overall coordinated look. You can also complete your tidy interior by concealing the cords along Posé's legs with the two detachable cable holders.

Elevate Your Living Room with LG OLED Pose TV

An Art Piece

LG OLED Pose can also reflect your artistic taste by displaying art pieces that turn into a frame when you are not watching them. It also gives you various options to customize it into an artistic background of your choice.

Self-lit OLED evo

LG OLED Pose is powered by a brighter and clearer self-lit OLED evo technology. This brightness booster feature gives up to 20% greater luminance. This ensures that you get a clear, vibrant, and sharper image and colors.

Elevate Your Living Room with LG OLED Pose TV

9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K

LG OLED Pose is created with a ⍺9 Gen5 AI Processor 4K. This powerful technology uses a deep-learning algorithm to lessen noise, restore content, and improve picture and sound for a great cinematic TV experience.

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