Enjoy a Futuristic Experience with LG OLED Evo

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 17 May 2023
Enjoy a Futuristic Experience with LG OLED Evo

When it comes to televisions, we always make sure we are choosing the best out there. Because there’re many options out there the ultimate choice would be a brand and model that has a 10-year experience in the market like LG OLED evo.

Best Picture with α9 AI Processor

A world of realism awaits you with LG OLED evo TV as it will open a doorway to new realms and the impression that you are actually there, from the unmatched picture quality. Be the star while being surrounded by the superb visual and aural improvements of the α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6.

The Light Boosting Algorithm, Light Control Architecture, and other improvements powered by the α9 AI Processor 4K Gen6 make LG OLED's famous self-lit pixels shine brighter than ever.

Enjoy a Futuristic Experience with LG OLED Evo


LG OLED evo doesn’t require any backlight, pixels are the brightest when they’re alone and shine without the bland glow of a backlight. This will make the image appear in its true color and see the distinction that flawless blacks create.

Dark parts remain dark because onyx and brights are extraordinarily lit thanks to self-lit pixels, which turn on and off by themselves without a backlight.

True Colors

You will be able to see colors the way their creator intended without distortion. Comparing LG OLED panels to conventional LCDs, which only achieve between 70 and 80% color accuracy, the former have natural hues that reflect the original source content.

Each color in the 3D color space spans the entire brightness range of the screen, from the darkest night scene to the brightest frames.

We usually feel like we need to take a break from watching TV to get an eye rest. However, after watching your shows on LG OLED evo, your eyes will feel fresh. OLED is Flicker Free certified by UL for eliminating screen flashing that causes eye strain and generates a negligible amount of blue light. With Discomfort Glare Free verification, bright and exhausting glare is also eliminated.

Enjoy a Futuristic Experience with LG OLED Evo

TV and Soundbar in Harmony

As you are enjoying your picture, you would want to have a nice sound experience as well. You can pair your LG OLED TV with an LG Soundbar, to create a more surround three-dimensional sound system.

Enjoy a Futuristic Experience with LG OLED Evo

webOS 23 New Home

LG OLED TV now supports a new operating system, webOS 23 new Home, that gives you a tailored experience with all your favorite content.

My Profile

Customized movie recommendations or timings of your team’s games will all be displayed on your profile.

Quick Card

Make special cards for your preferred services and apps. Put them in any order you wish, modify them, and get right to your content.

AI Picture Wizard

Select your favorite photos, and AI Picture Wizard will analyze 85M cases over 27 categories to determine the perfect characteristics of your photo in terms of sharpness, contrast, and chroma.

AI Concierge

Using artificial intelligence, you will be able to get recommendations for new shows and content based on similarities with previous content that you have searched for or watched before.

Enjoy a Futuristic Experience with LG OLED Evo

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