Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Vienna is celebrating its big comeback in 2022: the capital is showing just how much it has to offer as it celebrates life, art, enjoyment, and every unusual aspect of the city in all its rich glory.

  • Publish date: Monday، 04 July 2022
Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally possible again, as things are starting to get back to their normal conditions we can once again visit the Austrian capital Vienna. Where we will be able to experience it with all its fine details, and modern atmosphere, and celebrate life again. Behind the city’s imperial backdrop, new attractions are coming to light all the time. For centuries, art and culture, science, diversity, cultural exchange, architecture, and enjoyment have shaped the soul of this unique city.

Celebrate The Summer

Despite the fact that Vienna is Austria's capital and largest city, half of its metropolitan area is covered with green spaces such as parks and woods, which is one of the reasons it has been awarded the most livable city ten times in a row! These recreational places provide an easy way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life while also allowing you to explore and connect with nature. Burggarten and Volksgarten, Baroque parks in the city center, beckon visitors to stop and smell the gorgeous roses, while Schönbrunn and Belvedere palace's imperial gardens, with their spacious alleys and artfully manicured hedges, create a lasting impression.

Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace (c) Wien Tourismus by Julius Hirtzberger

The Old Danube and the Wiener Prater are two places in Vienna that should not be missed if you want to relax in the sun, enjoy the lush green of the parks and forests, and combine it with entertaining activities.

The Old Danube's peaceful oasis is a conveniently placed recreational paradise and a tranquil body of water with something for everyone's tastes. The charming festivities in the spring and summer excite visitors. A romantic full-moon ride or the renowned Light Festival are just a few of the options for the perfect getaway and unforgettable moments on the lake.

Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Boat Ride at the Old Danube (c) Wien Tourismus by Paul Bauer

 The Green Prater, which is one of the 10 best city parks in the world, according to the magazine "Focus," is six million square meters in size. Nature thrives in this location, despite being barely three linear kilometers from St. Stephen's Cathedral. Its sprawling lawns, woods, and waterways provide the perfect setting for leisurely strolls, brisk treks, extensive running tours, biking, and skate excursions, and more.

Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Prater (c) Wien Tourismus by Paul Bauer

Celebrate The Extraordinary

It's not simply because of the delicious food; no other European nation can match Vienna's unrivaled coffeehouse culture or the fact that its capital city has its own cuisine named after it (Viennese Cuisine). All the city's cafés serve up a delicious slice of Viennese indulgence—with a sugar rush thrown in for good measure—thanks to the city's unrivaled reputation for cakes and pastries.

Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Apple Studel at Cafe Central (c) Wien Tourismus by Paul Bauer

But Vienna has accomplished even more remarkable feats, continuing a great centuries-old history of handcraftsmanship and design. We can continue to celebrate their great quality and cutting-edge designs today because manufacturers like Augarten Porzellan, who date back to the days of the empire, have always had their fingers on the pulse.

Let’s Celebrate

This year, there are many reasons to celebrate in and with Vienna. Not only will visitors depart happier than when they arrived, but the memories of their visit will stay with them for a very long time. Also, Vienna continues with its ongoing journey toward a better future, by becoming a sustainable smart city. The standard of living will keep improving.

Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Donauinsel (c) Wien Tourismus by Christian Stemper

New Hotel Openings

New, interesting hotels are bringing life to Vienna. They range from the extravagant to the casual, from a majestic palace in the city center to an ultramodern timber high-rise. Numerous prestigious hotel developments have recently opened or will shortly welcome their first visitors.

The Almanac Vienna, which is now being constructed on Vienna's Ringstrasse, arguably the world's most beautiful street, is one of the newest additions to the luxury market. Additionally, work is being done in Vienna's city center, where the first Rosewood Hotel in German-speaking nations will shortly open. In addition, Vienna-based developers Lenikus are converting a heritage-listed structure next to St. Stephen's Cathedral into a five-star hotel with 76 rooms and suites dubbed "The LEO Grand."

Gilbert Hotel and Hotel Indigo Vienna, two recently opened boutique hotels, are known for lush green havens with plants spread throughout the inside and, in the case of Hotel Gilbert, even covering the outdoors area. They ensure visitors get a genuine and comfortable visit and live the authentic Vienna experience that is by drawing inspiration from the neighborhood, including the city's secret gardens, quaint squares, unique stores, and trendy cafés.

Enjoy The Ultimate Summer Experience in Vienna

Cafe Demel (c) Wien Tourismus by Peter Rigaud


Use the Vienna City Card to make the most of your visit!

It is available for 24h, 48h, and 72h it allows you to enjoy numerous benefits such as free use of all public transport by Wiener Linien, and discounts for museums, restaurants, and shops. The Vienna City Card can be beneficial to families as it allows one child up to the age of 16 to travel for free with each card holder.

Main image credit: (c) Wien Tourismus by Christian Stemper