Entrepreneur Awad Awad Talks About Investment in The UAE

  • Publish date: Thursday، 17 June 2021 Last update: Sunday، 20 June 2021
Entrepreneur Awad Awad Talks About Investment in The UAE

We met with the entrepreneur Awad Awad in Dubai to talk about his future projects which he aims to launch in the United Arab Emirates.

Awad who was born in the Palestinian city Nazareth, holds a Master's Degree in Marketing and Technical Sales training. He has been ranked among the first pioneers of management and economics in the Middle East.

Like other ambitious youth, he had many hobbies. Awad was passionate about traveling and discovering the world in his own way. He got acquainted with different cultures, discovered various societies, and civilizations.

Entrepreneur Awad Awad Talks About Investment in The UAE

His career as an entrepreneur started with the establishment of GBI investment company in Hong Kong in the field of commerce and public relations, with more than five years of experience. Recently, his trade business expanded towards the world of luxury fashion, this expansion manifested in the launch of a luxury brand called Chisciotte to be a prominent name in the world of luxury perfumes.

Talking to Awad Awad about the expansion of his business, we asked him why he chose Dubai?

Today, in the world of fashion, Dubai is considered the new “Paris”, so if you want to launch a product and make it a landmark in the world of fashion and luxury elegance, you must associate it with the name of this wonderful city. Today, Dubai amazes the world with its development and progress. So, it was the first place that came to mind for my team and I in the early stages of preparing the project.

Does launching a new project in light of the current circumstances and the pandemic worry you?

My experiences and challenges throughout my career have taught me that difficult circumstances or “disasters” can create opportunities. My team and I are planning a little risk business plan that will ensure that we expand the business with confidence.

Entrepreneur Awad Awad Talks About Investment in The UAE

What is your take on investment in the United Arab Emirates?

To be honest, we have not started investing yet. It was planned to start our business months ago, but the pandemic caused the delay.

I am confident that the investment conditions in the UAE are the best. My business extends from Hong Kong to Istanbul through many countries, so I can compare commercial and investment services here and there and say that what the UAE government is doing is exceptional.

In light of the pandemic, tell us about your experience in Dubai in terms of government measures.

Any visitor can feel the amount of attention and effort that goes into making the experience of tourism or residence in Dubai as easy and enjoyable as possible. What caught my eye is the use of technology to make people's lives better in terms of protecting society and providing smart electronic services.

What are your upcoming projects in Dubai and when will you launch your brand CHISCIOTTE?

We want the launch event to be a special event in this city that is full of diverse events and activities both locally and globally. Therefore, the launch will be, God willing, next October in a luxurious and exceptional atmosphere, in the presence of the most important dignitaries, stars of the Arab world and fashion bloggers in the Emirates.