Get Ready for School with LG DualUp Monitor

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 30 August 2023
Get Ready for School with LG DualUp Monitor

It is that season where everyone is saying goodbye to the summer, and preparing everything to go back to school, university, or to the office. One of the essentials of getting back to our daily routines is ensuring we have the perfect setup for our tasks and that is possible with LG DualUp Monitor.  

Double the Screen 

One of the things that will make your experience unique is that the LG DualUp Monitor is designed with a new format of 16:18 aspect ratio. It occupies a smaller space, but it can show you two 21.5-inch monitors with a 16:9 aspect ratio at the same time. This will certainly enhance your productivity and help you get more work done efficiently.   

Various Movement of Display 

The LG DualUp Monitor comes with an Ergo stand that is made with improved flexibility that gives you the freedom to move your monitor in whichever way you like. You will be able to do some ergonomic adjustments of extend, retract, swivel, pivot, height, and tilt. 

Stunning Image Quality 

If you are looking for the utmost image quality and vibrant colors, then LG DualUp Monitor will provide you with that. It is created with a rich color spectrum and 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut is supported by the 27.6-inch SDQHD (2560 x 2880, 16:18 aspect ratio) Nano IPS display, which also supports HDR10. 

Live Color Low Blue Light 

This feature created by LG will help you stay comfortable while working without compromising the color quality of the display. The LG Live Color Low Blue Light is designed with TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® Display Certification which helps to protect your eyes against blue light by combining RGB hardware and software adjustments while maintaining vivid color quality. 

Ambient Light Sensor 

If your eyes get easily strained by direct light from the monitor, then you can solve that with the Auto Brightness sensor. This will help in detecting your surrounding lighting environment and adjust the brightness accordingly, for a more comfortable working environment. 

The Perfect Monitor for Several Tasks 

This monitor is designed to help you get all your tasks done with maximum productivity and effectiveness. If you are a programmer, you will be able to see your codes and text on a double-sized screen. If you like using several streaming services, you will be able to check whatever you are streaming and view other chat tabs as well. As for designers, it will provide you with a wide workspace in which you can design freely multiple layers.  

Easy Workstation Setup  

The DualUp design saves you a lot of space compared to what a conventional monitor would require in the same existing space. It will help you get a comfortable workspace, the C-Clamp & Grommet and One Click Mount make the installation easy and don’t require any other parts or equipment. 

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