Get Rid Of Unwanted Odors With LG PuriCare

  • Publish date: Thursday، 27 January 2022
Get Rid Of Unwanted Odors With LG PuriCare

As we close the windows to avoid the cold waves of air or the dust and dirty, polluted weather, some odors get stuck within the house, like cooking odor cleaning detergent odors. You might need to let all of that out and the harmful particles or gasses that get stuck because of the pollution; the solution is simple, it is with LG PuriCare devices, where you can breathe better air and get rid of all unwanted smells around the house!

Certified against allergies with fresh air all the time 

LG PuriCare is certified as machine-friendly to people with asthma and allergy, as it captures all particles and dust that might cause allergies, and provides you with fresh and clean air 365 days a year, and in 360° air purification by absorbing the pollutants and based on studies and experiments, it was proven that this device reduces the dust by 90%.

LG puricare

Reaches all corners of the room 

Do you want the clean air to reach all the corners of your room? LG PuriCare has got clean booster feature that rises from the device and rotates to make sure that the clean air reaches all areas of the room; the booster feature reduces the time needed to clean the air by 24% around 16 minutes and 30 seconds when tested at 0.25m/s at the distance of 7.5 m.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Odors With LG PuriCare

Fresh Air that reaches a great distance 

The clean booster features ensure that fresh air reaches as far as 7.5 meters which means that you will get fresh air in every corner of the room and sometimes even further if the room is small. 


Six steps filtration system for high-quality air 

The air goes through 6 steps of the filtration system with LG PuriCare device,

  • The first step is filtering out fine dust.
  • Ultrafine dust gets caught after that in step two.
  • The third part filters out allergens.
  • The fourth step is filtering out living odors.
  • The fifth step is getting out all main components of smog.
  • Last but not least, LG PuriCare filters out even airborne chemicals. 

LG PuriCare

A Smart device for a healthy life

LG PuriCare is not only a device that will get rid of all of the odors; it is also a smart one! From green to red, the PM1.0 sensor and gas sensor works accurately to give you the indication of pollution, with green indicating clean air, and reaching red would mean polluted air. 

Connect anytime with LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ enables you to access your LG PuriCare device anywhere and anytime, and you can check the quality of air and pollution levels as well as control the levels; you can turn it on before you arrive at your home to make sure that you breathe good air as soon as you go home. 

Download LG ThinQ:

LG ThinQ

Live smart live healthy, and breathe fresh air with no odors with LG PuriCare devices; if you want to know more about all the latest products and offers LG has got, visit LG UAEs’ main website, with LG life’s good.