Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 21 June 2023
Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

If you are planning a trip to Austria in the summer, then you should definitely start your tourist program by relaxing your body and mind in Austria’s most beautiful gardens, parks, rivers, and last but not least mountains.

Even though shopping or cultural visits in Austria might be exciting, they can drain all your energy. Fortunately, many cities provide simple access to stunning green retreats and scenery for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For a tranquil retreat in Bregenz, Vorarlberg, you can visit the Pfänder, a mountain that is located there with breathtaking views. Also, you can pass by the coast of Lake Constance, which is the perfect place for ultimate relaxation. Innsbruck visitors can take the tram into the forest to see Tirol's breathtaking natural surroundings. Intriguing water features and city mountains with expansive views give Salzburg a sense of renewal. While in Vienna you will be able to enjoy all the numerous parks and other green spaces available there.


A visit to Innsbruck in Tirol can easily be combined with side trips into nature.

There aren't many towns in the world where you can stroll through the 800-year-old baroque and gothic city center, stop by the fabled Golden Roof, and then spend 20 minutes relaxing on the terrace of a café in the mountains. This is made possible by the state-of-the-art Nordketten cable car, which starts its adventure in the middle of the city and takes you to the "Top of Innsbruck," which is located at an elevation of more than 2,300 meters. You may take in the breathtaking 360-degree view and get a close-up look at the mountain flora and fauna. You can stop at the Alpine Zoo, the highest zoo in Europe, on the way back down to observe more than 2000 species in their natural environment—the Alps.

Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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Visitors visiting Innsbruck can go a short distance on the bus or tram to find themselves in the center of nature or on one of the neighboring mountains. You can take the "Waldstraßenbahn" (forest tram) for a unique experience. It travels an 8 km excursion route from Wilten Abbey, which is in the city's center, to the village of Igls, which is located higher just above Innsbruck.

 Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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If you love cultural settings, Ambras Castle, which has a museum that transports you to the time of the knights and Tirol's rich history, is worth stopping at en route. Around the castle is a sizable park that has been artistically planted. Along the way, you should also stop at the Celtic tree circle, the Tantegert woodland moorlands trail, Lake Lanser, and the Lanser Moor with its beautiful water lily pond.

Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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The Botanical Gardens, which were established in 1911 and are close to the city center, is a lovely spot to relax. Here, 5,000 different plant species from various climatic regions and ecosystems are grown. Depending on the season, aromatic floral aromas flood the air, and an eye-catching sea of various color tones greets the sight. It is an authentic feast for the senses.

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The trick fountains in the park of Salzburg’s Hellbrunn Palace promise utter refreshment. Pleasant tranquility envelops hikers on the city’s six hills.

One should be ready for some unexpected encounters when visiting Hellbrunn Palace and its gardens, which feature magical grottos, stone statues, ponds, and fountains. For the purpose of entertaining his guests, Prince-Archbishop Markus Sittikus conceived and constructed the pleasure palace and the surrounding park setting about 400 years ago. You will be able to experience the friendly, carefree attitude of those days which is still very much alive today. Prepare yourself for some seriously wet and enjoyable moments as water squirts out of fountains and figures at regular intervals, spraying everything and everyone in sight. Visitors can learn everything there is to know about the trick fountains and how they operate with the on-site audio guide.

The expansive Salzburg Zoo, located at the base of the forested Hellbrunnerberg, one of the six city mountains, is a well-liked location a bit further south but still within the Hellbrunn Palace Park. Hikers may take in a breathtaking view of Salzburg's city, its surroundings, and the Salzach River from the summit. From the center, one may easily travel to Festungsberg, Mönchsberg, Kapuzinerberg, Rainberg, and Gaisberg.

Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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 Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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Vienna offers a great variety of parks, vineyards, and forests for relaxing and picnicking.

The closest park is always nearby no matter where tourists are in Vienna. The city's green spaces make up about half of the area. Even in the heart of the city, one park follows another along the tree-lined Ringstrasse: the Volksgarten, where the scent of almost 400 different rose kinds fills the air, the Burggarten in front of the Palmenhaus, and the Stadtpark, which features a sizable pond and a golden statue of Johann Strauss.

Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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The little alpine garden in the Belvedere Palace's baroque garden is also conveniently situated. The Augarten is admired by locals and visitors alike for its extensive lawns and trees that cast shade. Only three subway stations separate Stephansplatz from the Prater, a sizable leisure area featuring avenues, big lawns, calm woodland pathways, bodies of water, and many sporting facilities.

 Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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Both Türkenschanzpark in the 18th district and the Kurpark Oberlaa in the south of the city are well-liked locations for taking long walks; both are a little further out and easily accessible by public transportation. There is no substitute for a stroll around the baroque royal grounds at Schönbrunn, where Empress Sisi enjoyed a leisurely stroll.

Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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The 21-km-long Danube Island is a favorite destination for runners, cyclists, and walkers as they meander through riparian woodlands and meadows. Another choice is to take a side trip from the island to Donaupark. Views of the entire city can be seen from the Danube Tower. The Alte Donau, a historic arm of the Danube with a lot of vegetation and lidos, is also close by.

Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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In the outlying areas, hikers can be seen getting their exercise in the center of nature. The Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve is bordered by vineyards, woodlands, and undulating hills in neighboring Lower Austria.

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Green Retreats & Refreshing Oasis in Austria’s Cities

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