Have Your Own Movie Theatre with LG TVs and Home Theatre Systems

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 21 September 2021
Have Your Own Movie Theatre with LG TVs and Home Theatre Systems

Who doesn’t appreciate having little privacy when doing the activities that they enjoy the most? For example, as much as we love watching movies in Cinema theatres to get the full experience, sometimes you would like to just cuddle up in a cozy blanket at the comfort of our couch with a bowl of popcorn in front of the screen. Also, with the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot of people are still not comfortable with going to the cinema with the whole restrictions and regulations.

With LG TVs and the newest home theatre system, you will be able to transform your living room to have your own movie theatre and live through the full experience of enjoying what you are watching while feeling the most comfortable.

What Makes LG TVs your perfect TV?


The newest LG OLED TVs are designed to give you the best watching experience and provide you with the entertainment that you need. It comes in various models, sizes, specs, and prices that you can choose from whatever suits you.


Best Quality Picture That you can get

When looking for a new TV the main aspect that most buyers search for is for it to have the best quality of picture in terms of resolution, colors, and wide display. LG TVs have all these options and more with the highest quality that you can imagine.

Infinite Contrast

TVs with different display technologies can display the same content differently. To achieve perfect black and infinite contrast, LG OLED TVs have self-illuminating pixels that turn on and off as needed. There are no self-emitting backlights in LED and Mini LED TVs. Thus, they can experience the halo effect because they are incapable of creating perfect black. This problem does not occur with self-lit pixels. There are no light bleeds or haloes on self-lit pixels, so you get perfect blacks and sharper images.

Self-lit Pixels

As mentioned earlier, LG OLED TVs have a new technology of self-lit pixels. It gives it an Ultra-thin effect while delivering excellent picture quality. Featuring self-luminous technology, your viewing experience will be enhanced in a whole new way. LG OLED TVs can display extreme realism and are designed in a unique way, unlike LED TVs which are limited by backlight technology. The self-lit pixels provide crisp, accurate displays of even the tiniest stars in the darkest skies.

Color fidelity

LG OLED TVs have 100% color fidelity. These claims have been confirmed by Global testing agency Intertek. Therefore, the colors that appear on the screen closely resemble the original image. This ensures that everything you watch looks like the creator intended for it to be displayed.

Color Volume

In addition, you will enjoy a wide range of color spectrum with LG OLED TVs. The amazing color reproduction technology LG TVs use allows OLED TVs to achieve full-Color Volume. This will keep the colors displayed to be rich and vibrant with a realistic reflection of images, even if it is set to be bright or in darker modes.

TV Resolution

Most of us are used to the high-quality picture of the 4K resolution. But what if we told you that OLED TVs have models that have a resolution that reaches up to 8K? OLED 8K provides four times the resolution of 4K. In combination with the self-lit pixels, this allows for images to be clearer, crisp, and more detailed

Choosing the right LG TV for you

There are many LG OLED TV options:

  • Z1: The Zenith of LG OLED TV
  • G1: Our Greatest 4K OLED TV
  • C1: Our most Celebrated OLED TV
  • B1: A Brilliant all-round OLED TV
  • A1: An Accessible OLED TV for everyone


Each Model varies in terms of size display and features. If you are looking for the biggest display for your home theatre, then LG OLED TV 88 Inch Z1 Series would be perfect for you. If you are looking for smaller options, then LG OLED TV 55 Inch C1 Series and LG OLED TV 65 Inch A1 Series also are great choices. There’re many alternatives and options that you can navigate through here.

LG Home theatre systems are like no others

When it comes to sound, we always look for a powerful, clear, surrounding sound system that will take our watching experience to another level.

LG home theatre systems will make you enjoy watching movies, football matches, or even listening to your favorite music.

LG Home theatre system

Powerful Sound

LG's Home Theater System has dual subwoofers that deliver more power for deeper bass tones. You will be able to enjoy surround sound while watching your favorite shows.

LG TV Sound Sync

You can enjoy powerful sound on your LG TV by connecting your system wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

Space Saving & Simple Installation

Its compact design can be easily installed and allows for full use of the available space. Simple wires and instructions make the speakers highly user-friendly. You'll be amazed at how seamlessly the speakers install and how clear the sound is.

LG Home Theatres to choose from:

  • LG DVD Home Theater System
  • 1200W 5.1Ch. DVD-HTS LHD756W
  • LG Home Theater System LHB655N

To conclude, you will be able to build your dream home theatre with LG TVs and LG home theater systems. Where you will get the best quality pictures that you can imagine along with an amazing sound system that will get you emersed in the world of the movie or show that you are watching.

If you want to discover more models from LG TVs and LG Home Theaters, you can visit LG’s main website for more information.