How To Be Sustainable in Our Daily Life

  • Publish date: Thursday، 24 November 2022 Last update: Tuesday، 20 December 2022
How To Be Sustainable in Our Daily Life

The concept of sustainability is very broad and not easily understood by everyone. Many people think that the concept of sustainability is limited to industries and companies in how they use their resources. While that is true from that perspective, but also as consumers we must make sustainable choices and use them in our lives in a sustainable way.

Global brands currently have become more socially and environmentally responsible and are starting to cater more to consumers who choose the direction of sustainability.

A good example of that would be LIXIL, as it has a dedicated Corporate Responsibility strategy that focuses on Environmental Sustainability. LIXIL seeks to achieve net-zero carbon emissions and to protect water and natural resources in operations, housing, and lifestyle choices by 2050. An important part of this vision is to include significant benchmarks for climate change adaptation and mitigation, water sustainability, and circular economy.

Being a part of LIXIL and one of the leading brands in creating smart bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings, GROHE is prepared to meet all the right standards that come with creating sustainable solutions, without any compromise on the quality, technology, or design.

GROHE has been gradually moving toward releasing four of its best-selling items as Cradle to Cradle Certified®. This means that after a product is developed and reaches its end cycle, its parts can be repurposed and recycled to make new ones. Also, GROHE is committed to a sustainable transition after converting to CO2-neutral production in April 2020 and replacing all plastic components in product packaging with environmentally suitable alternatives which started in 2021.

How To Be Sustainable in Our Daily Life

Some of GROHE’s Cradle to Cradle Certified products are GROHE Tempesta shower rail set and three faucets (GROHE BauEdge S-Size, GROHE Eurosmart S-Size, and GROHE Eurosmart Kitchen). They are also designed with SilkMove ES technology, where ES stands for energy-saving, enhancing the sustainable impact of GROHE BauEdge and GROHE Eurosmart. This technology works so that when the faucet lever is in the middle position, only cold water is provided, which prevents the consumption of hot water that isn't essential.

How To Be Sustainable in Our Daily Life

Water is one of the most important natural resources that affect many aspects when it comes to the environment and climate change, that’s why we should always be using it in a sustainable way. There’re some daily habits that we might not notice to be consuming a lot, like showering or using washing vegetables and fruits, watering plants, and many more daily chores.  Not only do we need to be mindful of our use but to consider as well how to get the best of each product and utilize it even after we no longer need it, because reducing waste is also a part of being sustainable.

How To Save Water:

  • Do not keep the water faucet on throughout the duration in which you brush your teeth or wash your fruits and vegetables.
  • Care for your plants or garden at night, this will help in preventing up to 30% of the water from evaporating in the morning or afternoon.
  • Install devices like a flow limiter or flow switch or use faucets that use smart technology that would conserve water use.

Sustainable Technologies From GROHE


This feature decreases the use of water by a flow restrictor from 10 liters per minute to a little over 5 liters. The volume experience delivered by an aerator is identical to that of a standard faucet. It reduces water consumption by 50%.


This Technology delivers the desired shower temperature immediately and maintains it throughout the shower.


The purpose of SmartControl feature is to simplify the life of users by allowing them to turn the water flow on and off with the press of a button rather than fumbling with a lever, so you can even use your elbow or wrist. From an eco-flow to a strong jet, simply turn the button to adjust the volume of water. You can also turn the valve on the body gently to the left or right to change the water's temperature.

You can always find smarter and more environmentally friendly options that would help you on your way to a more sustainable lifestyle. You can start by discovering all the choices of smart solutions on GROHE website.