Incredible Records Found in Austria

  • Publish date: Monday، 19 September 2022
Incredible Records Found in Austria

From the highest waterfall to the world’s oldest salt mine. Austria's regions hold several world records. Nothing is better than getting to experience these unique locations in person.

Austria possesses a lot of European and even global records, including the tallest mountain, the longest river, the deepest lake, the oldest zoo, and the largest urban wine region. Check out the alpine and urban attractions of all nine federal states, from Vorarlberg to Vienna, to add to your bucket list of things to do in Austria.


Europe’s Largest Open Inclined Elevator

The Lärchenwand elevator near Kaprun features the most expansive passenger rail car track in the world and is Europe's largest open inclined elevator. Built in 1941, it transports tourists up the fjord-like high-water reservoirs at a height of 2,040 m while producing electricity for the entire area.

The World’s Largest Ice Cave

The World of the Ice Giants is located close to Werfen in the Tennengebirge mountains. Visitors can explore portions of the 42 km long labyrinth-style paths during a one-hour trip.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Eisriesenwelt-GmbH by Werbefotografie-Gruber-Michael

Europe’s Highest Waterfalls

The Krimmler Waterfalls have one of the most breathtaking water views on earth, with water pouring down a minimum of 380 meters. If you have asthma or other respiratory conditions, it is widely believed that the water's very tiny aerosols can help with your breathing and your health.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrassen-AG


The World’s Oldest Salt Mine

Visitors can tour Salzwelten, the world's oldest salt mine, in Hallstatt. It is located in the Salzkammergut region, where you can discover more about salt manufacturing and commerce in former times. As a bonus, you can slide down the longest miner’s slide in Europe.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) OEW by L. Suwalka

Austria’s First “Star Park”

The International Dark Sky Association approved Austria's first and only "Star Park" between Lake Attersee and Traunsee in 2021 with the goal of protecting the nighttime environment from light pollution and creating the ideal location for stargazing.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Peter-Oberransmayr


The World’s Largest Alpine Zoo

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Alpenzoo Innsbruck. More Alpine animal species can be found there than in any other zoo in the world. Get up close and personal with a variety of animals, including birds, reptiles, mammals, and a kid-friendly pet zoo.

Austria’s Highest Village

The elevation of Obergurgl in the Oetztal valley is 1,930 meters. The village is officially the highest in Austria, and it has 4,000 residents.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Oetztal-Tourismus by Alexander-Lohmann


Austria’s Tallest Dam

The highest hydroelectric power plant in Austria is 1,933 meters above sea level and is situated in a stunning mountain environment. The Kölnbreinsperre is the tallest dam in the nation and it goes up to 200 m high and 626 m wide. It is accessible to guests thanks to tours that include a 4D theater.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) OEW by Michael-Stabentheiner

The World’s Tallest Wooden Observation Tower

With the viewing platform at 70 meters, the observation tower on the Pyramidenkogel mountain near Maria Wörth am Wörthersee is 100 meters high. Additionally, it includes the highest building slide in all of Europe, allowing guests to zoom down 52 m at up to 30 km/h.

Incredible Records Found in Austria
(c) Woerthersee-Tourismus-GmbH by Gert-Steinthaler


The World’s Largest Stalactite

Over millions of years, limestone in the Lurgrotte cave has created amazing works of art. Take a tour to see them and the largest free-hanging stalactite in the entire globe.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Graz-Tourismus

 Austria’s Longest Gorge

Styria's Raabklamm, Austria's longest gorge at 17 km, offers crystal-clear water, charming footbridges, and sheer rocks.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Guenther-Steininger

The World’s Largest Monastery Library

There are 200,000 books in the collection of Admont Abbey, 70,000 of which are kept in the library hall and date back to 1776. It is the largest monastery library in the world, measuring 70 m long, 14 m wide, and 13 m high.

 Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) OEW by Sebastian-Burziwal


The World’s Oldest Zoo

Vienna’s Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo – part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site Schönbrunn Palace – dates to 1752, with the first giraffe arriving in 1828. Today, it is one of Vienna's top attractions and is home to about 480 different animal species.

Europe’s Largest Urban Wine Region

Vienna has roughly 180 vineyards, spreading over an area of around 622 hectares. As a result, it is the only capital city in Europe that produces a sizable amount of wine and grape juice.

 Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) OEW by Dietmar-Denger

The World’s Oldest Ferris Wheel

Vienna's Riesenrad is the oldest continuously operational Ferris wheel in the world. It was initially built in 1897 to celebrate Emperor Franz Josef I's 50th Jubilee and is still regarded as one of Vienna's most popular tourist destinations. It offers distinctive views of the city and is situated in the Prater amusement park.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Niklas-Schnaubelt


The Narrowest House in Europe

This Bregenz building's façade is only 57 cm wide and is located at Kirchstraße 29. It features a 60 m2 living area inside. You can truly go there because it has a gallery in it.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Bregenz-Tourismus-Stadtmarketing-GmbH by Christiane-Setz

The Largest Floating Stage in the World

If you are a classical music lover, then you should visit The Bregenz Festival, it hosts opera performances every summer for almost 7,000 spectators per night – a European record!

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Bregenz-Tourismus-Stadtmarketing-GmbH by Christiane-Setz


Europe’s Largest Underground Lake

Magical tunnels, a mine, a museum, and Europe's largest underground lake (6,200 m2) are all part of the Seegrotte Hinterbrühl display mine. You can explore the beautiful lake with a boat.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Seegrotte-Schaubergwerk-GmbH


Austria’s Largest Indoor Slide

If you are an adventure enthusiast, then you should try the 270 m-long XXL Monster Ride in Austria which is located at the Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg. The 202-meter-long Space Twister, the longest virtual reality water slide, is another highlight that you should not miss.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) Sonnentherme-Lutzmannsburg-Frankenau-GmbH

Austria’s Largest Lake

Austria's largest lake, based on the total surface area, is Lake Neusiedler See (320 km2), which extends into Hungary in part. Additionally, it is Central Europe's largest endorheic lake.

Incredible Records Found in Austria

(c) OEW by Romeo-Felsenreich

The Lowest Point in Austria

Apetlon, which is next to Lake Neusiedler See, is often only 120 m above sea level. 114 m is the lowest measured point.

Main Image Credit: (c) Zell-am-See-Kaprun-Tourismus-GmbH by Heuckeroth