LG Air Purifier - Clean Fresh Air at Every Home

  • Publish date: Monday، 24 July 2023
LG Air Purifier - Clean Fresh Air at Every Home

Living in the city is very thrilling, but one of the downfalls of it is hard to access fresh clean air. Therefore, we need to rely on something to clean the air around us and protect us from airborne pollutants. The key answer to this problem is LG Air Purifier  

Why Do You Need an Air Purifier?  

LG Air Purifier is not just a luxury, but a necessity too - because breathing clean and harmful-practical free air is necessary. If you are still unsure why you need one, then these reasons are surely going to convince you: 

  • Removing dust particles. 

  • Deodorizing air from bad or harmful odors.  

  • Taking out airborne viruses and chemicals.  

  • Keeps your and your family’s lungs clean and healthy. 

  • Boosting up sleep quality.  

  • Easily getting fresh air indoors.  

  • Protecting you from lung diseases, like asthma or COPD.  

LG Air Purifier Models  

  • LG 2023 PuriCare™ Air Purifier, AS65GDWH0 - 61 m²  

First of all, this model of LG air purifiers is the 2023 PuriCare which offers 659 square feet of coverage. As it meets the FEHD (Food and Environmental Hygiene Department) requirements and standards. In addition, the LG Puricare Air Purifier features a new aerospace-fan technology, ensuring fresh and clean air at your home. Moreover, it is an antibacterial air purifier, and you can easily control it via the LG ThinQ app.  

  • LG 2023 PuriCare™ Air Purifier, AS10GDWH0 - 100 m² 

Secondly, the other generation of LG's 2023 PuriCare offers larger coverage - 1076 square feet to be exact. Furthermore, this generation offers much more alongside bigger coverage. Such as a high-efficiency particulate air filter (HEPA), 360 purification, and a clean booster. It is also a great choice for families as it has a baby care mode. 

How to Choose the Best Air Purifier?  

There are quite a few things to keep in mind when buying air purifiers. Such as:  

  • Desired coverage based on room sizes 

  • Filter type  

  • Type of filtration technology  

  • Light indicators  

  • Noise level  

  • Child-proof devices  

  • Budget  

  • Design and color 

  • Energy consumption 

  • Maintenance cost  

Where to Buy an LG Air Purifier UAE? 

Looking for an LG Air Purifier Dubai store? There are a few places in Dubai and all around the UAE where you can find LG air purifiers such as the ones mentioned above. These places are LG’s authorized retailers, including:  

  • Sharaf DG  

  • Al Yousuf Electronics, Abu Dhabi or Fujairah 

  • Al Futtaim 

  • Lulu Hypermarket  

  • Carrefour  

  • Emax  

To sum up, LG Air Purifier is a necessity in every house. Because we all want fresh, clean, and protected air for both ourselves and our families. Therefore, any of the LG air purifiers will meet everything you are looking for.