LG Magic Remote … One Remote For All

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 02 March 2022
LG Magic Remote … One Remote For All

How many times while you held your remote control and tried to push the buttons did you stop and think, “Oh.. this remote control does not work with this Tv or the remote control is no longer working and thought how terrible it would be to have to go out and replace it?” after all, remote controls were developed first back in 1950, and the first remote control was called “Lazy bone” that was connected with the Tv by a wire where you could change channels or turn off, and on your Tv, the entire reason remote controls were developed was the convenience and ease of use from users, so no one has to get up from the couch to change anything with the TV,  later on in 1955 another wireless version was developed. 

LG went a step beyond the traditional remote controls and developed what became LG Magic Remote, one remote for all your needs. 

A magical remote for all your needs  

LG Magic remote is named magical for the features it offers; it is one universal remote that works with most devices, not only that it provides many features that make controlling your TV way more straightforward and more convenient with less time and effort, such as: 

  • With the LG Magic remote, you can use voice commands to order anything smart in your house, such as “play Netflix” or anything that requests another smart device to do something, one remote one voice command, and your entertainment would be displayed up there.  
  • The Design of the LG Magic remote is magical indeed, as it was carefully crafted to have a mouse-like control and click wheel; the wheel is in the middle, where you can control and manage all of your entertainment and any smart devices in your house.  
  • The LG Magic remote is compatible with 2018, 2019, and 2020 smart TVs. 
  • The LG Magic remote has got all the buttons you need curved in a design made for the comfort of your hands and built from the finest materials; other than the standard buttons, you can see the microphone button up the wheel and other control buttons that make it easier for you to play movies or open your favorite app. 

LG magic 

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