Make Cleaning Effortlessly Simple, and Delightfully Cordless

Welcome to the era of convenience, advanced technology with simplicity, and the promise of a smart home, powered by LG Electronics.

  • Publish date: Thursday، 09 February 2023
Make Cleaning Effortlessly Simple, and Delightfully Cordless

Dubai – February 2023: Nowadays, where time is the most precious commodity, the generation of now simply does not have any to spare or waste on the everyday hassle of medieval cleaning. While it is undoubtedly essential, the lifestyle of today demands quicker solutions, one that gets things done fast, split-second fast, and delivers efficiency with ease for the modern home. Addressing this need and paving the way for a simpler life, LG CordZeroTM A9 Kompressor Stick Vacuum, the ultimate next-generation solution comes forward. 

Discover technology that’s easy 

Meet LG CordZeroTM A9 Kompressor Stick Vacuum, the next-generation home appliance with the ambition to save time, drive convenience, and fuel uninterrupted efficiency.  

Boasting a design that’s sleek and lightweight, this vacuum cleaner comes packed with grit that is here to amaze and fluidity that dares to impress. With powerful suction for floors of all types, double bin capacity, up to a hundred and twenty minutes of uninterrupted resilience, control features with a touch, cyclone filters for easy maintenance, a five-step filtration process, and more, this device is built to change the way you run your home and revolutionize your cleaning routine, next-generation style.  

Ready to say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to your ultimate household assistant? 

Seamlessly integrating into your modern lifestyle  

Embedded with innovative features like the Smart Inverter MotorTM and Power Punch nozzle that provides efficient cleaning across a variety of all surfaces including floors, mattresses, sofas, and more, a cord-free experience enabling you to get in and under every angle of your house while compressing and collecting dirt, dust, and pet hair in a bin that’s larger than double bin capacity. Top that with the promise of up to a hundred and twenty minutes of uninterrupted performance and fluidity to transform into a handheld vacuum, allowing you to simply grab and go! 

Diving right into its fine looks and finer portability, the LG CordZeroTM A9 Kompressor Stick Vacuum ensures it remains fluid and fits wherever you would like for it to be, which means, you have the power to store and charge it anywhere, anytime without any drills or storage space required.  

Furthermore, it delivers the finest user experience with control features mouldable with a single touch, equalling to switch between Turbo Mode or any other with just a tap therefore less strain and comfortable cleaning. 

Add to this, the promise of durability with easy maintenance and washable filters allowing you to extend the life of your appliance and keep it peaking at its best while being smartly powered by the LG ThinQ App that tracks cleaning history, run diagnostics, and more over built-in Wi-Fi. With this appliance by your side, bid farewell to medieval cleaning, and welcome management that’s truly effortless into your modern home. 

Advance forward with innovation built to simplify 

Why settle for anything less when you can simply upgrade to an appliance that suits the demands of today’s lifestyle and the modern home? 

Accelerate your chores, redefine the way you manage your home, and revolutionize tidying up with your true household hero that is dedicated to seamlessly integrating convenience into your lifestyle. Leveraging the power of the latest technology, built-in superhero functionality with powerful suction, a five-step filtration system, customizable attachments, and powered by the intelligence of LG ThinQ, this vacuum cleaner is set to become your go-to for a smarter, power clean-up next-generation style. 

Get the smart experience in your home 

Ready to take your home to the next level? Upgrade your lifestyle and get this must-have home essential from any of the leading retail outlets including the nearest UAE SharafDG,Carrefour, Al Yousuf Electronics, and Amazon UAE!  

Invest today and embrace technology that is determined to deliver ease to your smart home. 


 About LG UAE 

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