MyCandy Launches New Fitness Bundle in Ramadan for Health Enthusiasts

  • Publish date: Thursday، 14 April 2022
MyCandy Launches New Fitness Bundle in Ramadan for Health Enthusiasts

MyCandy introduces a new bundle for fitness enthusiasts that includes a number of products for those who like to stay fit during the holy month, combining the modern world of technology with the enthusiasm of healthy individuals.

Dubai - March 28th, 2022 - MyCandy, the leading mobile phone accessories brand in the United Arab Emirates, has recently launched its new Fitness Bundle with 4 products that are perfect for those who aim to stay in shape this Ramadan. The brand aims to focus on providing its customers with premium quality products that do not compromise functionality. MyCandy products are guaranteed to offer customers great value for their money, with a strong focus on universal accessory categories and a goal of satisfying the needs of customers by exceeding their expectations and enhancing their daily lifestyle. That being said, MyCandy has recently launched the Fitness Bundle, which includes the 4 following products for reasonable pricing.

The first product in the Fitness Bundle is the Smart Fitness Tracker, it is a modern gadget that provides real-time tracking through the days of Ramadan. With an affordable price, this device monitors your heart rate, sleep cycles, footstep count, and stress levels. It comes with up to 30 different workout modes, has water-resistance capabilities, and is compatible with magnetic chargers. This useful device comes with a magnetic charging clip and a user manual that is easy to browse through. With a modern sleek design, this gadget is incredibly elegant, which makes it the perfect piece for work, Ramadan outings, and especially workouts.

The MyCandy Fitness Bundle provides another handy gadget, the MyCandy 45mm Stainless Steel Lifestyle Smartwatch. A product that is both smart and stylish, it is guaranteed to elevate the fitness experience during the holy month of Ramadan. With a chic design and IP67 water and dust resistance abilities, this smartwatch comes with a number of features that include smart health tracking all day long. The Stainless Steel Lifestyle Smartwatch comes with an IPS screen, rotating button control features, an alarm clock, changeable bands, and Bluetooth mic call features. It also comes with a standby time of 3 days, where it could last customers for a long time without needing to be recharged. The MyCandy 45mm Smartwatch includes a magnetic charging cable, 1 sports band, 1 Milanese loop metal band, and a user manual to guide customers on how to get the best results out of using it during the holy month.

The third product in the incredible Fitness Bundles is a highly useful one, the MyCandy Smart Bottle Black. This product is perfect for those who are looking to quench their thirst during workouts or over iftar or suhoor. It is an insulated stainless steel bottle that is designed to maintain water temperature for a long time. The bottle comes with a bright LED display on the lid, where users could easily track their water temperature through a visually appealing view. This smart gadget uses UV light technology to filter the water within only 1 minute. It also offers the option of sending drinking reminders, so customers could easily remember to drink the amounts of water they need at regular intervals. This makes it the perfect product for those who need to stay hydrated during Ramadan as it is capable of holding 450 ml of water.

The final product in the Fitness Bundle is the MyCandy Weighing Scale Black, the perfect product for those who are worried about gaining or maintaining weight during Ramadan. The holy month is known for its variety of delicious food, but this product is perfect for making sure that they stay on track. The MyCandy Scale is supported by a smart app and has metal electrodes that help automatically measure body impedance. This allows it to provide accurate Body Mass Index and weight levels. Through the app, users can also see Muscle %, Fat % and history of their weight to easily keep track of their weight and maintain the healthy lifestyle they are aiming for. The scale supports up to 180kgs and comes in a chic modern design.

About MyCandy

MyCandy is a mobile phone accessories brand that is dedicated to focusing on quality, functionality, and value for money. The company provides a diverse selection of smart solutions, with a strong focus on core universal accessory categories. MyCandy strives to satisfy the needs of its customers by providing a range of smart gadgets that exceed their expectations and enhance their daily lifestyles.

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