NRTC Fresh Summer Series: Restore. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

  • Publish date: Monday، 29 August 2022
NRTC Fresh Summer Series:  Restore. Rejuvenate. Refresh.

Summer equals iced teas, lemonades, cooling salads, cold mezze, and everything that feels light and invigorating however, nothing sounds nearly as tempting or refreshing as popping in sweet, icy, fruit popsicles, bursting with natural summer flavors. NRTC Fresh has come with a mission to ensure that your summer is truly refreshing and packed with freshness. Here’s how you can kickstart into brewing beautiful, easy and healthy treats, plus, it’s topped with a surprise summer code sealed for you. 

Let’s face it, while smoothies, juices, and au naturel fruit treats are a great choice to keep yourself power-packed, hydrated, and energized during this season, with a little bit of creativity and experimental curiosity, you can transform wholesome fruits, juice, milk and even yogurt to turn them into delicious homemade frozen popsicles. They are largely encouraged purely because you know what is going on inside them. They lack harmful preservatives, additives, or artificial ingredients making them an ideal dessert or even mid-day snack for all age groups, particularly for those picky eaters like kids and toddlers. With countless mixing options, a delicious frozen treat can be done with almost any type of fruit. 

This being said, it is essential to understand that some fruits are naturally sweeter than others, so if you’re making your popsicles with fruits like blackberries or grapefruit that tend to not be very sweet, you might want to add a tablespoon or two of honey into the mix. 

Puree fruits of your choice into the blender and turn them into a thick juice-like texture, pour this batter into a mold, freeze for up to six to eight hours and you now have your homemade healthy popsicles! 

With over 700+ products in its portfolio, NRTC Fresh boasts an immense variety of everything customers could possibly crave this summer ranging from juicy strawberries, sumptuous mangoes, succulent oranges, tropical pineapples, hand-picked pomegranates, and the summer-favorite, crispy watermelons. 

Order now and begin brewing your own 100% natural, sweet and slushy homemade treat to truly restore, rejuvenate and refresh yourself this summer  – trust NRTC Fresh to bring you closer to the freshest produce available in the region this season. 

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