Personalize Your Audio Experience With LG TONE Free FP9 Earbuds

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 11 January 2022
Personalize Your Audio Experience With LG TONE Free FP9 Earbuds

People often complain about exercising or listening to music while their earphones are on, as the cables limit their movement, wireless earbuds, however, provide more mobility and freedom of movement; with Wireless earbuds, one would worry less about moving away from their device while being on a call, like walking while talking or listening to music and dancing, as they can carry on their usual daily activities without any hinders. With many earbuds in the market, LG, as usual, always goes forward and beyond to provide the perfect earbuds for their customers, and after great studies and arduous effort, LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds were released.  

Say goodbye to discomfort with a perfectly designed sleek fit  

Not all of us were born with the same ears, which sometimes make the fit of the earbuds too bulky for different ears; however, LG put that into consideration  with the design where hundreds of ears have been analyzed through 3D scanning and landmarking in terms of their sizes, shapes, geometries to create the perfect fit with virtual fitting on different 3D ears and ergonomic analysis to create the final shape for the LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds

  • Unique Concha-shaped, compact, lightweight, and sleek fit that makes LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds a perfect fit for your ear shape falling naturally into the groove of the ear. 
  • Provided with different sizes (large, medium, and small) medical-grade ear gels, those are made from hypoallergenic silicone that is non-toxic, and they are very comfortable in terms of ear irritation; this silicone material meets the ISO 10933P and USP class VI requirements which mean it is safe and comfortable to use. 
  • LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds were designed to keep them from falling out of your ears even if you were doing heavy exercises or running around and moving a lot, and this is essential as not only does it limit the movement, but if earbuds keep protruding out of the ears they become at risk of getting damaged; however, the LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds were designed not to protrude out of the ears that easily. 
  • They were designed with a battery that lasts 24 hours. 
  • LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds’ charging case provides fast charging, so plug your earbuds in, and you will get 1 hour of charge in the earbuds after 5 mins only from plugging them in. 
  • Available in 3 different colors (pearl white, Haze gold, and charcoal black).

 LG Tone free app

The first earbuds in the world to address the issue of hygiene  

Did you know that according to experts from Medical departments, the prolonged and frequent use of earbuds does prevent the natural exit of earwax from the ear canal and might cause infections and irritations because of the bacteria that accumulates on it? So LG came up with a solution for the hygiene and safety of your ears, which was the UVnano infused technology: 

  • Uv nanotechnology, a combination of UV LED and nanometer technology in the LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds, kills 99.9% of the bacteria within 5 mins every day and automatically. 
  • UV LED light built-in the LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds’ case kills 99.9% of different bacteria, even the (Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria) all within five mins - note that this only works while charging. 
  • The ear gel used for the design is medical and allows the proper fit and comfort, and reduces all skin irritations that might occur from other poorly designed earbuds. 

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Personalize Your Audio Experience With LG TONE Free FP9 Earbuds

Excellent Sound Quality with 3D sound stage 

LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds with HSP Meridian processing technology, the British icon of technology that is found in high-end speaker systems, provides impressive sound quality for music and phone calls; they even have got multiple new features, such as: 

3D sound Stage 

Get high caliber sound quality in this compact device that gives off 3D sound stage EQ presets with natural bass boost and treble boost; the 3d sound stage technology takes you to another world while watching your favorite movie or listening to music; you can even adjust the settings for all features in the LG TONE Free app

3d sound stage lg earbuds fp9

Whispering Mode 

Sometimes we want to make or answer a quick phone call without having to shout out loud for people to hear us, maybe while commuting to work in the bus or train, or while studying in the library, or even while working in the office, with awareness to that, LG has infused a whispering Mode with the LG TONE Free app, you can start the whispering Mode with LG TONE Free App

Thanks to being built with 3 Mics, an external mic, an internal mic, and a voice mic, the LG TONE Free app allows ambient sound removal, not only whispering mode. 

After enabling Whispering mode, you can hold the earbuds close to your mouth and whisper, the other side will hear you clearly, and no one will be able to listen to that conversation. 

LG tone free fp9 

Noise Cancellation 

The noise cancellation in the LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds is an award winner, and it was enhanced to block out any sound externally as it creates an equal amount of anti-noise; if you press the LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds, you can turn off the noise cancellation when you need to, perfect when crossing the street, there is also a chat mode that allows the same thing when you need to talk to someone and hear them, without taking off your earbuds. 

LG tone free fp9

Two Earbuds countless places to use 

When you think of earbuds, the first use that comes to mind is taking phone calls or listening to music, however with all the new Technology LG has infused in the LG TONE Free FP9, you can use them while traveling around in the airplane, with your smartphone, on your computer for gaming or any entertainment or work-related objectives, and even while running around the city or playing sports in the gym, thinking of getting gaming headphones? So why would you use the same earbuds for gaming consoles as well?  

Customizable Music experience with a brilliant Smart App 

LG TONE Free App allows you to customize your experience from adjusting the sounds to registering your daily habits, enabling whispering mode or game mode and ambient sound control. Everything is available through LG TONE Free App; lost your earbuds? No worries, the app will find them for you! 

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 LG TONE Free FP9 earbuds were designed carefully to ensure that the customers would get top quality sleek fit earbuds and high quality, everyday usable earbuds, and super affordable. Get yours today!