Protect Your Clothes with LG Washing Machine

  • Publish date: Monday، 21 August 2023
Protect Your Clothes with LG Washing Machine

There’s nothing better than the feeling that your clothes are soft and clean. Sometimes continuous washing can reduce the quality of the fabric of your clothes which can get quite frustrating. That’s why we recommend you buy the LG VIVACE washing machine, as it is the ultimate choice when it comes to fabric protection.

Intelligent Care

The LG washing machine is provided with AI DD™ which gives you 18% more fabric protection and gives you an optimized washing experience based on your laundry. The AI DD™ analyzes the weight and the softness of the fabric and chooses the right motion that suits it and provides it with the ultimate care.

More Hygienic

Along with fabric protection, we still need our clothes to have a thorough wash that would give our clothes the cleanness level that we look for. LG Steam™ makes sure that all the dust is removed from the clothes and allergens are reduced by 99.9%, which is the perfect feature, especially for your baby's clothes.

Great Capacity & Durability

LG VIVACE washing machine is designed to have a bigger capacity with the drum size from the inside with the same size as the actual machine which will give you more space for clothes per wash. It is also created with a more durable material with a boosted external durable and refined tempered glass door with a hygienic stainless lifter.

Elegant Design

If you are looking for an elegant design that will give a modern and sleek look to your space, then you will find that with LG Washing Machine. It is designed with a larger display for the washing cycles along with an increased knob size with a metallic finish.

Compatibility with LG TWINWASH

If you have a big family and are looking to upgrade your washing experience, then LG Washing Machine is perfectly compatible with LG TWINWASH Mini. Where you will be able to do more washing at the same time, saving you time and money.

Smart Appliance

There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that your washing cycles can be controlled remotely. That is easily possible with ThinQ™ which will allow you to operate your cycles and download it and it also smartly connects with other smart technology like Google Assistant and Alexa through Wi-fi connectivity.

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