Smart Appliances With LG THINQ ... One App For all

  • Publish date: Monday، 14 March 2022
Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all

As we advance through life, it is easy to get swayed away by the hustle and bustle of everyday mundane tasks, and with too many Appliances to help you out doing your chores, 

LG Introduced us to the LG ThinQ app, one application that covers all of your smart devices; with the click of a finger, you can adjust, diagnose, and control any smart LG item that you own, so let us dive in together and introduce you to the smart Appliances connected to LG ThinQ app, and things you can do with this smart innovation. 

Why choose LG thinQ? 

  • LG ThinQ app would make your life easier with controlling your home devices through one app, and the app offers a voice command option which makes it very user-friendly. 

  • LG ThinQ app is powered by Ai technology; the machine learns the more you use it. 

  • Each of us has our preferences, and the LG ThinQ app makes recommendations based on yours. 

  • Since it's a smart app, it analyzes your habits to give you tips and advice on saving and preventing any problem before it happens. 

  • With the LG ThinQ app, you would save money to fix things and save energy.

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

Appliances you can sync up with LG ThinQ 

There are many products from LG that you can sync with the LG ThinQ app and control with simple voice commands or through the LG ThinQ app to make things super easy for you. 

Just say Hi, LG, and get your Tv working 

With the LG ThinQ app, you can turn on and off your TV with a simple touch on your smartphone or by using a voice command, just say Hi, LG and get things working up for you, change the channel you are watching, and even the volume. 

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

LG ThinQ for your puri-care 

Check the pollution level in your house with the app, and you can even turn off or on your puri-care from outside before you go home. In addition, the LG ThinQ app keeps an eye on the filter of your puri-care and tells you when you need to change it. 

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

LG ThinQ meets your air conditioner  

Control your air conditioner anytime, anywhere easily with the LG ThinQ app, turn it on or turn it off, change the mode of air functions, or change the temperatures; all of that is possible through your app. 

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

A smart Washer with a magical app 

Life is easier with the LG ThinQ app; monitor and control your washing machine through your application by talking to your washer itself, asking it how much time is remaining for the app to tell you when your cycle would be finished, and get many options to choose from to control your washer remotely, LG Washers have got AI DD ™ that protects the garment you wash from damage up to 18% as the LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor with Artificial Intelligence technology detects how soft or rough the fabric is and what is best in terms of the washing pattern to use with your wash cycle. 

You can download wash cycles through the app and stay connected to your washer. 

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

Dishwashing is now smarter 

With the LG ThinQ app, you can stay connected to your dishwasher, check the cleaning status and get an alert as soon as your dishwasher ends up its cycle, download cycles for your dishwasher such as Pots & Pans, Casseroles, Glassware and Night Care, you can even customize your dishwashing cycle, set it up to remind you of your dishwashing as after 30 cycles it would let you know that you need to run a cleaning cycle to keep it fresh and clean. Still, most importantly LG ThinQ app would allow you to smartly diagnose your dishwasher in case something went wrong to figure out what needs fixing. 

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

Even your fridge is smart 

Maintain the freshness of your food with the LG ThinQ app; also, the app would watch the times you use ice the most to freeze it better before you do!  

Controlling your fridge has never been easier. 

Smart Appliances With LG THINQ  ... One App For all 

What are you waiting for? Download the LG ThinQ app and make the most of your LG products; visit us at LG Uaes’ website to learn more about the smart and future products that would transform your life, with LG life is good.