Social Eye: Picking The Right Influencer

Looking for an influencer to endorse your latest product? Or perhaps a tiktoker to throw a haul for your new Ramadan collection, luckily for you Social Eye is the perfect platform for you to find them!

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 23 March 2022
Social Eye: Picking The Right Influencer

Are you looking for an influencer to endorse your latest product? Or perhaps a Tiktoker to throw a haul for your new Ramadan collection; luckily for you, Social Eye is the perfect platform to find them!

What Is Social Eye?

Social Eye is a platform where you may find influencers to endorse or market your company's products or services, with many tools to make your search less daunting and more effective. Social Eye provides a quicker and more efficient way than traditional networking and searching methods.

The social eye network is growing day by day, and more and more influencers are joining in on the hype. All audience sizes are available at your disposal, from nano influencers with a few thousand followers to mega influencers with millions of followers. 

Information about the influencers is available for you to read, such as their audience size, place of birth, ethnicity, marital status, and all the different social media platforms they use.

Here Are Some Examples Of Campaigns Done Using The Social Eye Network

Who Do I Pick?

Choosing the right influencer can be a long and hard task. It takes a lot of time and effort as it is a crucial factor that is why the social eye platform has many advantages and tools that would make it easier and more successful for you to pick the right influencer for you, such as the many search filters available for you to use, the search filters are there to help you choose several aspects such as spoken languages, nationality, if they dress modestly, what companies they've worked with before. Many more, moreover you may even pick what type of content or influence they hold, such if they're a content creator, a key opinion leader, an influencer, or a public figure. Key opinion leaders are sometimes viewed as having more influencing power as they also have jobs that may sometimes teach them how to market, content creators are known for their creativity and videography skills, and of course, public figures are known worldwide and followed by many age groups, each of these filters will be fully at your disposal when using social eye, you may pick and choose what type of influence you'd want them to have. Yet another filter available for you to use is what category of content they've already shared or made, whether it's make-up, lifestyle, gym & fitness, or gaming; by selecting the category of their content, you can make sure that their audience would find your product desirable and in tune to their interests. 

How to communicate with the influencer you have picked?

The social eye platform also gives you multiple forms of communication once you've decided on an influencer; from there on, you may communicate and discuss the endorsements and other factors all on your own; we provide a service to help you market and spread your products around the world. Deciding on the right influencer has many benefits, such as quickly building trust with new potential consumers, as influencers have already made their trust with their followings when an influencer endorses your product or service, you would not need to put in as much effort in building trust and authenticity as the influencer has already done that for you. Another benefit includes improved brand awareness, as influencers can spread the word about your company and products. More and more people learn about your story and what the company may stand for. 

What is influencer endorsement?

Using influencer endorsement may also start a partnership with a said influencer; this helps the company and the influencer long-term; if the partnership is successful for both, you may wish to collaborate on other events such as a meet and greet at a pop-up event for your company, this marketing strategy is very effective as sometimes consumers may visit to meet the influencer however they end up learning about your brand and buy products which may lead to them becoming loyal customers! A win-win situation for both your company and the influencer!

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