The All-New Switch Neck Massager Is On Its Way To You

Switch gives you an exciting sneak peek of an unmatched pain relief experience through its Neck Massager that will soon make its way online and offline stores

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 03 August 2022
The All-New Switch Neck Massager Is On Its Way To You

While it’s a no-brainer that Switch particularizes in trend-savvy tech gadgets, they assert the fact that their customers should get a unique tailored experience every day. With the upcoming launch of the Neck Massagers in place, we’re convinced that this cushion of love is like your daily dose of aspirin that should be by your side anywhere, any day!

The Switch Neck Massager includes impeccable features such as three massage mode variations, three heating mode levels, a 3,000mAh rechargeable battery for quick, easy, and efficient pain relief along with a two-year warranty.

This neck massager will assist you in reducing neck strain, soreness, and pain. The unique design of the massaging parts will make you feel as though you are receiving a professional hand massage. This product will be your closest friend at home and a great travel companion. While watching your favorite show or playing computer games, get a pleasant massage. A 15-minute massage before bed will help enhance sleep quality by stimulating blood circulation.

With top-quality manufacturing and technical specs such as its lightweight (709g), sizing (270 x 266 x 112 mm), and materials (PU, Fabric, ABS, and PC), you can get a massage wherever you want! With a built-in 3,000 mAh lithium rechargeable battery, a 5V/1A input, and a maximum rating of 5(W), this product instantly pushes you into your comfort zone just by strapping it around your neck.                                


When your Neck massager makes its way to you, it will contain a variety of by-products along with the Massager. Let's take a look at each one individually. The massager for the neck. A USB "type C" quick charging cable, a user handbook to assist you and help you understand the product and how to use it better, and, last but not least, a warm wood bag that is used to enhance the heating feature of the product.

All of these features and capabilities are offered at a reasonable price and in two attractive colors: green and orange.

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The Switch Neck Massager will soon be arriving at all Axiom Telecom retail locations and online at

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