The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

  • Publish date: Sunday، 31 October 2021 Last update: Sunday، 07 November 2021
The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

A big part of a trip to any country is the food experience. It’s one of those things you will always remember from a once in a lifetime trip.

Food can represent a country in many ways we can’t imagine, ingredients relate to the habits and geographic aspects and history of each country.

For the British the archetypical dish is fish and chips, for Americans it’s hamburgers, for the Japanese sushi, and for the Austrians it’s Wiener Schnitzel, of course.

Many of the dishes considered to be classic Austrian recipes today would never have seen the light of day without intercultural dialogue.

1. Wiener Schnitzel (Vienesse Scalope)

Don’t drool. The famous Wiener Schnitzel is traditionally made of a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet, however there are versions with chicken and pork too.

It is usually served with potato salad or other variations of potato and salad on the side.

According to legend, this form of fried meat was brought to Austria around 1857 by the Austrian field marshal Count Radetzky. Austrian chefs perfected the recipe during the late imperial age, making Wiener Schnitzel what it is today: an incomparable Austrian delicacy!

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Wiener Schnitzel © OEW, Wolfang Schardt

2. Marillenknödel (Apricot Dumplings)

The cultural icon of Austria’s picturesque Wachau Valley: the Marillenknödel (apricot dumpling).

The ingredient for this dish are coming from places far beyond Austria, an originally Chinese fruit (the apricot) is combined with a plant product from Southeast Asia (sugar) and a Bohemian method of preparation (the dumpling).

We can’t begin to imagine how it tastes like but we’re sure it’s delish! Marillenknödel are one of the most popular Austrian dishes.

It’s apricots covered with soft and fluffy cheese dough and coated in buttery toasted breadcrumbs with sugar topping. They are served either as a main dish or as a dessert.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Marillenknödel © OEW, Wolfang Schardt

3. Sacher Torte

Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate, an ingredient we never have enough of. This legendary dish was invented in Vienna and baked for the first time in 1832 by the clever baker’s apprentice Franz Sacher.

But the person responsible for the Sacher Torte, which became the most famous of all chocolate cakes, was his son, Eduard Sacher. By the end of the nineteenth century he had made the Sacher Torte a household name nearly everywhere, making it the most famous Viennese desert.

The Original Sacher Torte is made with chocolate cake layers, apricot preserves and a shiny chocolate-glaze, traditionally eaten with whipped cream. You can not only taste the Original Sacher Torte during a visit to the famous Café Sacher, but also purchase it as a souvenir in the iconic wodden box to bring back home.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Sacher Torte © OEW, Harald Eisenberger

4. Käsespätzle

Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious Mac & Cheese on a chill day? Austria is famous for Käsespätzle, which some describe as Austria's answer to Macaroni & Cheese.

Since every dish has its own special experience to remember in Austria, this one will remind you of the mountains.

Käsespätzle is served in all of Austria’s alpine huts and tastes especially good after a walk-in crisp mountain air.

Spätzle are a typically Austrian dish which are grated one by one and its dough consists of few ingredients (eggs, flour and salt.). The cooked spätzle are mixed with cheese (usually Emmenthal or Gruyere) and topped with fried onions. The accompanying side dish is often a green salad.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Käsespätzle © TVB Saalbach Hinterglemm, Mirja Geh

5. Linzer Torte

It was the world’s first cake recipe to appear in written form and therefore considered the oldest cake recipe in the world becoming famous in 1922.

Taking it’s name from Linz, the Upper Austrian capital, Linzer Torte is popular worldwide.

Topped with a lattice design, filled with tart redcurrant jam and sprinkled with flaked almonds, the Linzer Torte is just as well known abroad as the Sacher Torte and no less popular as a delicious city souvenir.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Linzer Torte © Linz Tourismus, ms Fotogroup

6. Kaiserschmarrn (Shredded Pancakes)

The Kaiserschmarrn is a royal delicacy par excellence. The meaning of the name itself is very interesting: “Kaiser”, which means “emperor”, and Schmarren, which in the Austrian local language means “chaos” or “something that does not make sense”. 

Made with raisins this hot dish took name from Emperor Franz Joseph who loved these sweet fluffy pancake which are torn into bite-sized pieces during the pan frying process.

As a side you can enjoy it with either plum-, applesauce or other preserves. It’s sprinkled with powdered sugar and can be eaten as a dessert or as a stand-alone dish.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Kaiserschmarrn © OEW, Sebastian Stiphout

7. Apple Strudel

We are craving this dessert right now! The pungent smell of apple strudel can be smelt the moment it is taken out of the oven – which makes it very difficult to resist.

Germans argue that 'Strudel' belongs to them, but Austria has perfected this sweet speciality, which is nowadays even considered its national delicacy. It is worth noting that the "Apfelstrudel" is a kind of puff pastry filled with apples and flavored with cinnamon, sugar and raisins.

You can find it almost everywhere specially at coffeehouses and restaurants, and many bakeries.

The Most Delicious Dishes in Austria

Apple Strudel © OEW, Wolfgang Schardt

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Wiener Schnitzel and Käsespätzle © Kipferl Ltd