The UAE’s 7 Most Effective Social Media Networks

  • Publish date: Sunday، 08 August 2021 Last update: Thursday، 12 August 2021
The UAE’s 7 Most Effective Social Media Networks
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Social Media is an integral part of our world today. In the UAE, Emiratis on average spend 3 hours on social media daily, close to the global average, according to a May 2021 GMI Study.

With the availability of high-speed internet at very competitive prices, active social media users in the UAE reach nearly 9.84 Million (98.98% of the population). Every user has 10 active accounts on different platforms according to a New Media Academy Survey participated by Arab users in the Middle East. 

Most Effective Social Networks In UAE

1 - YouTube has 8.69 Million users (87.4%)

2 - Facebook has 7.85 Million users (79%)

3 - Instagram has 6.67 Million users (67.1%)

In fourth place is Twitter, and then narrowly followed by LinkedIn. In sixth place is Pinterest, and completing the list is Tumblr which has less than 2 million users.

Most Popular Messenger Apps In UAE

1 - WhatsApp has 7.97 Million users (80.2%)

2 - FB Messenger has 6.4 Million users (64.4%)

3 - TikTok has 4.21 Million users (42.4%)

In fourth place is Skype then followed by Snapchat. Completing the list are Wechat and Viber with nearly 2 million users.

The study also indicated that the number of male social media users far exceeds the number of females, reaching 69.6% for males and 30.4% for females. Researchers also discovered that 37% of users base their purchasing decisions on brands pages – reflecting the influence of these platforms and the importance of social media brands pages.

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