The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

  • Publish date: Sunday، 19 September 2021 Last update: Wednesday، 22 September 2021
The Ultimate Relaxtion Holiday in Innsbruck

We need to keep our mental health in check because everything else is temporary which is why it's necessary to take some time off to breathe in and unwind. Try to find your true peace of mind by travelling to green destinations such as Innsbruck in Austria. Located at the heart of the Alps, the region offers everything you need for a short break.

Described as a “natural talent’ when it comes to diversity, Innsbruck can take you out of the city straight into the great outdoors, and you can spare yourself any great physical exertion by using a cable car or an e-bike.

Where the city whispers “relaxation”

Take a walk without any plans and discover all the historic spots on your way. If you want a deeper look into culture you can also visit a museum or art space or amble along the Inn promenade and marvel at the colourful rows of houses: a multi-faceted city panorama unfolds against the backdrop of the awesome mountains.

The "Walks to explore" booklet, which you will get at the Innsbruck Info Center or find online, features seven thematic walks (e.g. the Habsburg trail, the Bergisel trail or the popular Art Walks) makes it easy to explore the impressive variety also on your own.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Innsbruck Old Town

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Full effect

Become one with nature by practicing yoga in the great outdoors, or high up on the mountain in the outdoor yoga studios on the Patscherkofel, Innsbruck's home mountain, on the Rangger Köpfl, at the Muttereralm or on the Nordkette at 1,905 metres above sea level

Inhale fresh air and exhale all the negativity with breathtaking views as far as the eye can.

After that you can summon all or your energy on the shore, by the glittering green Natterer See lake for example, by the Lanser See or the Mieming bathing lake.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Bergisel Trek

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Now this is our favourite thing to do. Forest bathing is a must where you get to smell the scent of the forest and immerse yourself in the realm of senses.

A "bathing trip" in the forest is a very special experience whose benefits will endure long after your holiday.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Forest Bathing

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Slow movement in the great outdoors

An experience in nature is not complete until you go on nature adventure hikes and leisurely excursions to mountain inns

The extensive guided mountain hiking programme, included in the free Welcome Card, which you will receive from participating accommodation providers in the region, takes you to the most beautiful places in the region.

So many hiking options to enjoy! If you’re more of a solo scout or prefer making your own hiking plans you can experience the perfect interplay between nature and technology on the Perspectives Trail on the Nordkette, for example, and enjoy the calm atmosphere on the mountain as well as breathtaking views of the city.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

View over Innsbruck

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Llama hikes are also very popular, these “hairy companions” hike with you on a sun-drenched Mieming Plateau. The gentle shaggy animals with their leisurely pace enable you at once to drop down a gear or two.

You can also sit and see the whole forest by taking “forest tram”. Tram line 6 takes people looking for relaxation out of the city and into the great outdoors. There are numerous treasures in small villages for you to discover along the route.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Nordketten Funicular

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Treat yourself!

Pamper yourself with Innsbrucks wellness and spa treatments which include the gentle scent of Austri’as regional stone pine and soothing views of the mountain world in the saunas and steam baths of exclusive wellness hotels quickly relieve stress and tension.

Some of these services have a beneficial and lasting effect thanks to organic-certified skin care products based on regional remedies that have been tried and tested for centuries.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Wellness in Innsbruck

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No, we haven’t forgotten about food, the most important part of experiencing a country. Innsbruck region also has a wide range of culinary options and caters for visitors’ physical well-being in its own unique way.

You can sit on a picnic blanket in the countryside, floating in a gondola lift up to the summit, relaxing in the modern atmosphere of a mountain inn or outside on a sun terrace with a view of the lake – traditional and re-interpreted Tyrolean delicacies as well as select items from an international menu.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Food at a Mountain Inn

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If you’re looking for excellent facilities to ensure an extraordinary accommodation. Innsbruck offers charming guest houses, designer hotels and renowned wellness hotels.

In wood lodges, safari tents or sleeping barrels in the Natterer See holiday paradise, you can experience a touch of adventure mixed with luxury, romance and nature.

The Ultimate Relaxation Holiday in Innsbruck

Mountain Inn on Patscherkofel Mountain

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Around Innsbruck

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