Things You Need to Know Before Buying your Washing Machine

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 19 October 2021
Things You Need to Know Before Buying your Washing Machine

When it comes to choosing our washing machines there’re many things to consider before making a final decision, as it is a long-term investment. You should always make a list of what you need to make sure you are making the right decision to get your laundry effectively done without a hassle. 
Are you looking for a top load or front load machine? Do you prefer for it to be only a washer or washer/dryer machine? 

There’re many options to choose from! One brand that we can think of that has a variety of models and functions is LG Washing Machines. 

1. What type of washer are you looking for? 

A washing machine comes in a variety of types. Washers with top loads are easy to use and require little maintenance. Front-load washers offer greater efficiency than top-load washers. Some people think it is essential to have a dryer as they don’t like the process and how time-consuming is the traditional way of drying the clothes. Even if you don't think a dryer at home is necessary, buying one separately or getting one that is a combo washer/dryer would be worthwhile.

LG offers its consumers all these types and models with various features to meet the need of everyone.  

Types of LG Washing Machines:

  •   LG TWINWash™, Washer & Dryer, 12 / 7 Kg, AI DD™, 6 Motion Direct Drive, Steam™, ThinQ
  •   Washer & Dryer, 13/8 Kg, AI DD, TurboWash, Steam, ThinQ
  •   Front Load Washer, 10 Kg, Bigger Capacity, AI DD™, Steam+™, ThinQ™
  •   Top Load Washer, 12Kg, Black Color, Smart Inverter Control, TurboDrum™, Smart Diagnosis™

2.    What are the Features that match your needs? 


If you are looking for a Washer that is unique and has innovative features, then LG TWINWash would be the perfect choice for you. The TWINWash system is a first-of-its-kind washing solution. Washing two separate loads simultaneously increase efficiency, making your clothing cleaner for a shorter time. As it is designed with the main washer and a mini washer that you can put in all kinds of smaller clothes like baby clothes, towels, or even white clothes. Which makes you get two loads of wash in 49 minutes, saving you time and effort. 

In addition, it is designed with TrueSteam Technology which generates steam out of 100% pure water, getting rid of 99% germs, mites, and allergens in the process. Adding any softener detergent won't be necessary since your clothes will be softened as well. In addition, the TrueSteam feature provides convenient wrinkle care and significantly reduces wrinkles on your clothes.

LG Frontload Washer – Washer & Dryer

Most people favor front load washers as they find them more convenient than any other type of washer. LG Washer has some premium features that make it one of the best in the market. 
It has an exclusive AI DD technology that weighs your laundry and detects the softness of your fabric. Then it automatically selects the optimized washing pattern for each fabric based on deep learning technology. You’ll be able to protect your favorite clothes and wear them for longer with 18% more fabric care.  That is along with a TurboWash360 that gets your laundry cycle through wash done in 39 minutes. Which makes it 28% energy saving, 38% time saving, with 16% less cloth damage.

If you are interested in having a dryer, an amazing option would be the LG Washer & Dryer machine where you will get all that you need in terms of a washer in addition to a dryer which also saves you space. 

LG Top Load Washer

If you prefer top load machines, LG Top Load Washer is a great and economic option that you might consider. It has a Smart Motion Feature that allows it to create 3 types of motions that are specifically designed for sorting the wash depending on the fabric type. Also, it is enhanced with TurboDrum™ technology, in which an intense water stream is created with the rotation of the drum and the pulsator in the opposite direction, which results in the most powerful clean that gets rid of even the toughest of dirt spots. 

One thing that most people suffer from when it comes to washers is the noise they can create. LG Top Load Washer is designed with a protective cover that reduces the noise for it to be nearly quiet. It also has a Smart Diagnosis feature that helps to figure out technical and mechanical problems and helps in solving them without requiring external service. 

3. Is It Energy, Water, and Time-Saving? 

It is important to think about energy usage as we constantly use the washing machine, and it is a home appliance that requires a lot of energy usage. There’re some options that are available now that solves the issue of energy and water consumption and get your washing cycle done in less time. 

LG Washing machines are at the top in terms of energy, water, and time-saving. It is designed with motors that disperse less energy, which reduces electricity consumption.

For example, using the EcoHybrid technology, you can save water or cut down drying time. To reduce energy costs and shorten the entire drying cycle, you can choose the eco-dry mode, which does not require water. The normal dry option reduces energy costs by shortening the entire drying cycle.

4. Does it have the right Size and Design?

It is important to consider the size and capacity of the washing machine you are looking to buy. The first is to be decided depending on the space you have in your laundry room or space at home. The second would be depending on how big your family is and how often do you do wash cycles. 

LG washing machine has a variety of sizes whether it is 7/12 KG or 10 KG or 8/13 KG depending on the model you are choosing. 

LG Washers have an elegant design that is more durable and efficient with a bigger capacity in the same space. It is developed with a hygienic and durable stainless lifter and a durable and elegant tempered glass door.
To prevent back and knee injuries, LG Washing Machines like its TwinWash models come with Ergonomic Design, which prevents users from bending excessively while using the washing machine. By having a secondary compartment for washing, the upper part can be elevated, so consumers can use the device sitting up in an upright position while being comfortable.

In Conclusion, LG uses artificial intelligence to provide homeowners with integrated solutions that are intuitive and can meet their needs. You will surely find what you are looking for in a washing machine in one of the various models that LG offers.  

You can visit LG Electronics' main website for more information on different models and their functions. 

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