Wash and Dry Simultaneously with LG WashTower™

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 21 May 2024
Wash and Dry Simultaneously with LG WashTower™

Who wouldn’t like to get their laundry nice, clean, and dry at the same time? This is becoming possible with the new LG WashTower™ washer and dryer, which will make your laundry duty easier and faster. If you are looking for the ultimate efficiency and comfort, then you should know about all the features that it is designed with.


Unlike conventional side-by-side or stacked models, the LG WashTower™ unites a washer and dryer into a single vertical unit, saving up to half the space of the floor area. Which makes it perfect for smaller homes or apartments. Any interior can benefit from WashTower, which gives your place a more refined, modern appearance. The LG WashTower™ is available in two sizes to fit your space needs, if you have a bigger space and require a bigger washing capacity then the larger model in 27” will be a more suitable choice for you. If you are looking for a smaller version because of space limitation, then the smaller model in 24” would be sufficient.

With users’ comfort in mind, LG WashTower™ has a centered control panel to make it easier to control without having to bend or stretch uncomfortably to reach it. Its center control panel is 85mm higher and it is 45mm shorter than a stacked washer and dryer.

Intelligent Technology

The LG WashTower™ is created with an array of new smart features that will enhance your experience. Starting with Smart Pairing™ which automatically decides the dryer setting based on the washing cycle that you chose.


One of the newest technologies used is the built-in Artificial Intelligence feature AIDD™, which identifies the type of fabrics that you are putting in the LG WashTower™ and chooses the most suitable wash cycle to handle your clothes with care.


Another plus that the LG WashTower™ gives is that it reduces the washing and drying process tremendously. You will be able to operate the washer and the dryer at the same time, as well as if there’s nothing in the dryer while there’s a load in the washer, the dryer starts to preheat in preparation for the load so the drying process will take less time.


This wash will ensure that you get a power wash within a shorter amount of time, within approximately 39 minutes, and complete fabric protection.

Dual Inverter Heat Pump™

The LG WashTower comes with one of LG’s signature technologies, which is the Dual Inverter Heat Pump™ which not only increases its efficiency and gives faster drying, but also saves energy.

Smart Control

The LG WashTower is made with a smart voice assistant that will answer your questions thanks to AI Speaker who will listen to you and answer your questions. So, if you ask it about the wash cycle it will tell you what is the cycle that is working at the current time.

You will also be able to connect your LG WashTower to the ThinQ app, where you will be able to control and monitor your WashTower remotely and easily and give you notifications about your WashTower conditions.

The LG WashTower is now available in stores where you can go to check it out. Discover more information about LG appliances by visiting their official website.