Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

  • Publish date: Sunday، 18 July 2021 Last update: Sunday، 01 August 2021
Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

We always wait for that time of the year where we can just switch off from everything and relax. Staying in one’s own environment is probably not the best option, which is why we recommend travelling to a destination that is famous for its natural escapes and we can’t think of a better place than Austria.

Forests, meadows, lakes, and rolling hills have a magical effect on our souls and help us restore our mental balance.

Here are five ways to practice mindfulness and relax in Austria’s nature:

1. Sleep Under the Stars

Stargazing is the best way to travel outside this world. Take a break in a small, wooden house. One wall made of glass. A view of nothing but the lake and the stars. Spend a night in a bivouac on Lake Millstätter See in southern Austria and wake up completely refreshed.

Bivouacs are an authentic part of the landscape and they’re perfect for memorable pictures.

Made of larch and Swiss pine, the. Feel at one with nature, as you gaze through the large panorama windows at the stars sparkling in the night sky or the sun rising in the early morning. T

The approximates 15m2 hideaway offers space for a bed, a table with chairs plus cuddly sheepskin rugs, as well as a small washroom.

In the mornings, you’ll receive a breakfast basket, in the evenings a gourmet basket filled with local specialities.

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Bivouac on Lake Millstätter See

© ÖW, Susanne Einzenberger

2. Hug a 500-Year-Old Tree

A truly unique experience. Meet one of the biggest trees in the larch forest known as Zedlacher Paradise. The oldest specimens are 500 years old.

However, you need at least four people to actually hug the tree!

Smell fresh air and take walks in the unspoilt wooded areas above Matrei in East Tirol. You’ll feel one with nature with the smell of moss and earth.

At seven stations visitors become acquainted with the secrets of the region’s sensitive ecosystem, and learn about its various inhabitants.

The most beautiful time to experience this natural paradise is autumn, when the centuries-old larches have turned golden yellow in colour.

Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

Hugging a tree at Zedlach Paradise at the National Park Hohe Tauern

© TVB-Raurism, Hannah Assil

3. Hiking with Donkeys

This one is for the animal lovers. Our furry friends make every vacation better.

Donkey hiking, through the unique landscape in South Styria, is one of the most relaxing activities with animals.

The donkey is in charge of the pace, and that is often very slow. This experience will definitely make you laugh, help you to practice patience and allow you to take time to really appreciate your surroundings on a hike.

Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

Hiking with a donkey

© Janina Zasche

4. Visit a forest

Stress-relief long walks are the best healers. The forest is good for the soul and mind which is why spending time there is the ideal vacation hack.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, making for perfect natural air purifiers with additional healing properties.

In Japan, "forest bathing" - spending mindful time in the forest - has even become a recognised form of therapy. People who love the forests know the feeling:

Almost half of Austria's area is covered with forests, most notably in the provinces Styria, Carinthia, and Salzburg.

Even the capital city Vienna boasts 20% wooded areas, earning it the moniker "world's greenest city". As you can see, there will be a forest around the corner from you during your time in Austria.

Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

Forest Bathing

© ÖW, Georg Popp

5. Fishing at a peaceful lake

One of the best ways to practice mindfulness. You might have not thought of it but finish is a form of meditation. 

Whether it’s with a few buddies, or solo, fishing is often times the quest for stillness and peacefulness—especially once you find your favorite fishing spot, of which Austria has plenty on offer.

There are numerous thunderous mountain streams, crystal clear lakes, and pools all over the country where trout, char, and greyling are at home.

Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

Fishing in Carinthia

© Kaernten Fisch

6. Practice Yoga on a mountain

The perfection combination to gain strength and release stress. Mountains help increase your levels of energy while Yoga on the other hand makes sure you’re relaxed.

Enjoying breathtaking views after a beautiful and strenuous hike, breathing in fragrant mountain air and stretching and strengthening yourself on a yoga mat: these are all perfect recipes for disconnecting from the stresses of everyday life.

Ways to Relax and Practice Mindfulness in Austria’s Nature

Yoga on the mountain in Altenmarkt Zauchensee

© Altenmarkt Zauchensee Tourismus

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Bivouac on Lake Millstätter See

© MTG, Gert Perauer