Welcome to WcDonald's:

McDonald's UAE Brings Anime Fans' Favorite Fictional Restaurant to Life

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 10 July 2024
Welcome to WcDonald's:

Dubai, UAE – JULY 8, 2024: – For years, anime fans have been making McDonald’s-inspired “WcDonald’s” restaurants a part of anime’s most memorable movies and shows. Now, in collaboration with some of the biggest names in anime, WcDonald's will make the move from fiction to real life. Landing in the UAE Today, July 8th, McDonald’s UAE is building on its fans vision and imagination by unleashing the WcDonald’s universe across its restaurants and App, with a special sauce, manga-inspired packaging, episodic shorts and so much more.

“Anime continues to grow as a hugely popular genre in today’s culture, and we’re thrilled to be sharing this new experience with fans across the UAE. After years of watching WcDonald’s on screen, it’s exciting to see it come to life in our restaurants!” Said Walid Fakih, CEO at McDonald’s UAE.

He Added "The WcDonald's universe is a credit to Anime artists and fans across the world, and it’s been fascinating to see the impressive creativity from our partners on this project. We constantly strive to bring exciting ideas into our restaurants that align to our customers interests, and we look forward to welcoming people across the UAE into the world of WcDonald's!”

A Sauce that Packs a Punch

Fans can animate their taste buds with our Savory Chili WcDonald’s Sauce, available for a limited time.

The unique combination of ginger, garlic and soy with a slight heat from chili flakes packs an energetic

blast of flavor in every bite. Mirroring the bold, dynamic spirit of your favorite anime heroes, the sauce

pairs perfectly with an order of 9-piece “WcNuggets” (our fan-favorite Chicken McNuggets) or on the

side of any of your go-to menu items.

For those wanting an extra kick, the McDonald’s UAE Spicy Chicken McNuggets are also back on the menu for a limited time, along with the 20-piece McNuggets offering.

Manga Packaging and More from Acky Bright

McDonald’s have teamed up with iconic Japanese manga artist/illustrator Acky Bright to design custom WcDonald’s packaging that will take you deeper into the world of WcDonald’s with every meal. For a limited time, fans will receive manga-inspired packaging featuring WcDonald’s Crew characters, sketched by Acky himself.

“I had a great time partnering with McDonald’s to help make WcDonald’s a reality for manga fans who

have a genuine love for the brand,” said Acky Bright. “From the details of the diverse Crew characters tothe manga plot itself, I loved being able to use my artwork to bring to life the dynamic, vibrant world of WcDonald’s for people around the world.”

The First-Ever Official WcDonald’s Anime

Legendary animation house studio pierrot have also played a part in bringing WcDonald’s to life, as they produced the first official WcDonald’s anime. Four episodic shorts will take fans into the flavorful world of WcDonald’s, where a story about the WcDonald’s Sauce and WcNuggets unfold each week.

Every Monday, from July 8th until July 29th, a fresh short will drop in tandem with new manga on the McDonald’s App. Upon watching each episode, viewers will unlock an exclusive deals on the App including 2x Rewards Points on all Spicy Chicken McNuggets orders, Large Fries for 5 AED only, two Chicken Burger for 10AED and so much more.

The shorts will honor anime's biggest subgenres - Action, Fantasy and more.

The Race to WcDonald’s (drops July 8th): A rivalry strong enough to withstand the test of time

as our two heroes embark on an epic race to WcDonald’s.

Love from Across the Booth (drops July 15th): Our two protagonists discover the WcDonald’s

Sauce and WcNuggets aren’t the only perfect pairing.

Operation: Protect the WcNuggets 3000 (drops July 22nd): A team of WcDonald’s pilots must protect

the last WcNugget against an ominous force.

Gone but not forgotten (drops July 29th): Three women are transported to a distant land to

unravel the mystery surrounding the elusive sauce before it's gone forever.

The limited time offering of WcDonald's packaging, Savory Chilly Sauce and Spicy Chicken McNuggets is now available at all McDonald’s UAE restaurants from July 8th until July 29th. Get ready for your taste buds to enter a new universe!

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