What Do You Know About LG Inverter Technology?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 21 April 2022
What Do You Know About LG Inverter Technology?

LG Electronics has made the world better and life easier by developing better technology all around their products with unique features, one of those technologies was the LG inverter technology that was infused in different LG home appliances, Today we will dive in-depth into LG inverter technology, explaining how it works and how it makes your life easier.

Be relaxed in your life

LG inverter technology is infused with different products from LG refrigerators to LG inverter direct drive washing machines, and the LG inverter technology helps you save time, power, and money.

Wash everything faster

LG inverter technology infused in the washing machines can help you start your day with more fresh and clean clothes.

Intertek tested LG inverter technology: Cotton Cycle with TurboWash™ option finished within 39±5% minutes and tested by Intertek in January 2019. Based on IEC 60456 edition 5.0 2010-02 test protocol. Normal cycle with TurboWash option, 3.5kg loads for 25" & 27" products, 2.5kg loads for 21" products.

LG inverter technology

Feel Cool all-day

LG inverter technology is also infused in the ACS. The LG Dual Inverter Compressor is optimized for energy saving and better cooling, so stay cool this summer with no worries for up to 65% of energy-saving bills!

LG inverter technology 1

Eat Fresh food every day

LG fridges keep your food fresh and last longer as it also reduces up to 18% of the energy used by conventional fridges to keep your food cool and fresh, all thanks to LG inverter technology.

LG inverter technology 2

LG inverter technology keeps your products fresh, keeps your life more accessible, your bill down, and yourself comfortable.