Your Food Will Last Longer With LG Refrigerators

  • Publish date: Monday، 27 September 2021 Last update: Tuesday، 05 October 2021
Your Food Will Last Longer With LG Refrigerators

Your health is worth gold, and investing in a good fridge to keep your food healthy and clean from bacteria is very important. 

The main purpose of using the leading LG Refrigerators is to keep food cold and thus extend the period in which food can be kept before it spoils, as cold or lower temperatures help food stay fresh for a longer period of time.

The basic idea behind refrigeration is to slow down the activity of bacteria, which are found in all foods so that they take longer to spoil the food than usual. For example, bacteria can spoil milk within two or three hours if the milk is left on a table outside at room temperature. But by lowering the temperature of the milk by storing it in the refrigerator, this milk can remain fresh for a week or more as the cold temperature inside the refrigerator significantly reduces the activity of bacteria. As for freezing, by freezing milk you can completely stop bacterial activity, and milk - or other food - can be kept for several months in the freezer until effects such as burning begin to spoil the milk in non-bacterial ways. Both refrigeration and freezing are two of the most common forms of food preservation today. 

LG Refrigerators main features 

There are many features that LG Refrigerators have that are very useful at home besides cooling or freezing food, which allows it to be preserved fresh and healthy for a long time. There are types of medicines that require dry and cool storage at the temperature of the refrigerator, but be sure to do this only for medicines that are recommended to be kept at refrigerator temperature. And did you know that some hot countries store batteries in the refrigerator? This is because the cold temperature makes the electrical energy loss process slower. In addition, the freezer can be used to preserve seasonal foods and to use them in the off-season after a very long period of time that extends to months. So, choose the refrigerator that meets your requirements from LG and we will review some of their awesome features: 

lg refrigerator 

Healthier food for a better life with LG refrigerators .

1- (LINEARCooling™) 

With linear cooling and the perfectly placed LG sensor in LG Refrigerators, it is easier to control fluctuations that are kept between  ±0.5℃ with more cold air flowing in to keep the food fresh, last longer, and healthier. 

2- Smart ThinQ feature 

 You can control your LG Refrigerator through the LG Smart ThinQ smart app, which allows you to set and check the refrigerator temperature, freezer temperature, control HygieneFRESH+, and more. 

lg smart thinq 

3- Inverter Linear Compressor 

The inverter compressor offers very high efficiency in performance compared to the regular compressor, which needs a larger number of components, and the inverter compressor produces less noise. In addition, this compressor helps in a more efficient linear cooling process than the usual compressor as it reduces the temperature difference between rising and falling. 

4- LG DoorCooling+™ 

LG Refrigerators have an amazing door cooling feature that makes the inside temperature more even & cool, 35% quicker than the other normal cooling systems, this feature which gives better longevity for the foods inside the fridge. 

5- Direct view through the door (InstaView) 

LG Refrigerator offers the feature of seeing through part of the top door by knocking on it twice, which allows you to view the inside of this part of the refrigerator without opening the door or opening this part of the door without opening the whole door completely, And thus keep cold temperatures indoors. 

LG Refrigerators different models 

InstaView™ Door-in-Door® 

This high-end refrigerator from LG (such as the model GR-X39FTKHL) that has 4 doors has all the previous features, and you can see the contents of the outer door only (snacks, cold drinks, etc) and open it without opening the whole door completely in order to preserve food freshness by keeping the low temperature inside. It comes in black stainless steel, and it does internal cooling for the doors and makes ice for cold drinks, and it is possible to allocate the internal space in it to distribute the items as you wish. 

Door-in-Door Refrigerator 

It has the same features as the previous LG Refrigerators , but without the possibility of seeing through the door by knocking on it twice, but there are still multiple levels of doors to access drinks and fast-consuming things from the outside door without opening the door completely. 

 lg door to door

French Door Refrigerator 

 This refrigerator has all the advantages of previous LG Refrigerators, and it can come with the feature of viewing through the door as well, and it comes with a thin door, a great design, and many advantages. 

lg french door  

Side-by-Side Refrigerator 

It includes all the advantages of previous LG Refrigerators such as the inverter linear compressor and the smart application to control the refrigerator, but it does not come with interlocking doors, and in return it offers a huge storage capacity. 

Your Food Will Last Longer With LG Refrigerators 

Bottom Freezer 

You can get an LG Refrigerator with a bottom freezer, there are multiple options from lg bottom freezer fridges , to buy from, with different options such as Large Capacity, Inverter Linear Compressor, Moist Balance Crisper™, Thinner Insulation, and DoorCooling+™. 

lg bottom freezer 

Top Freezer 

You can get an LG Refrigerator with a top freezer instead of bottom freezers, and there are many options to buy from that include the features other fridges have. 

 Lg top freezer fridge

Where to buy LG Refrigerator ? 

You can buy LG Refrigerators in UAE from any of those providers: 

Get your LG Refrigerator today for a healthier life, enjoy eating a fresh salad, and no more worries about food going bad or weird smells in your fridge anymore! The top quality for the best life. You can visit UAEMOMENTS and learn more about LG products.