Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

The 12 zodiac signs in order are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces.

  • Publish date: Saturday، 01 June 2024 Last update: Sunday، 02 June 2024
Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

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A Guide to All 12 Astrological Signs

Your horoscope for the week of June 2 to June 8, 2024, is here.

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Center your values at the absolute core of your self-expression and seed this week with thoughts and expressions of love, connection, friendship, and beauty. This month's love language is all in the delivery, so polish up your bedside manner and say it with beautiful words, written or spoken. At the same time, a new moon in Gemini is perfect for writing up your list of intentions around communication, ideas, thought processes, and the kind of information you relay, share, and put out into the world. What kind of frequency, feelings, and outlook do your thoughts generate in you? Aim to support your best life from the inside out by cultivating your state of mind, what you feed into your awareness, and what you express into your own orbit.

Find your weekly horoscope for your zodiac sign below. We recommend reading the horoscopes for your rising sign.

Whisk through the weekend on the beams of la luna as she amplifies the mood to active leadership while in your sign until Monday. You can put some major miles in on a project, DIY, or catch up on all your socials. The astro weather is built for start-ups, speed, spontaneity, and adaptation, so apply your energy to a goal you’re ready to conquer. Building on these themes, this week hosts the marvelous new moon in your sector of local connections. It’s the fast and the furious, the reckless and the raconteur; amplify what you love and forget the rest. Set intentions around connections and how you wish community spirit, your place in your neighborhood, and with siblings, to be.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Taurus Weekly Horoscope

La luna graces your sign Tuesday through to Wednesday early morning, signaling an opportunity to slow down just a little, ground, and process before whirling back into this month’s dazzling dervish. Wind up tasks and tick off those final chores you’ve been meaning to do to make way for Thursday's new moon cycle. This is your moment to begin with a fresh page and note down your plans and intentions for the next month. Then open the aperture to the next year with a six-month fruition date. This one is in your sphere of finances, values, and possessions, so aim for intellectual property rights, your name on your work, and creating beauty that gets people connecting, talking, and thinking. A potent week for manifesting or expanding on your current circumstances. Start by expanding your comfort zone around what you even believe is possible.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

It’s a rockstar week full of birthday blessings, dear Gemini. On the same day as the new moon in your sign, Venus, the planet of love and beauty, merges with the sun, so make a wish! Set your intentions on la luna’s new cycle and sprinkle with archetypal Venusian themes: Amore, harmony, stimulating and loving relationships. Throw in a bevy of articulate contacts and sources of juicy intel while you’re there. Serve it up with a ritual and include friends for inspiration and a manifestation session. If ever there was a time to pen your intentions, this is it. Your ruling planet is Mercury (as if you didn’t know), and it’s heading into your sign for a whistle-stop tour through June 17. It’s moving through the degrees at a cracking pace and so is your mind. The most amazing occurrences can happen in an instant, embrace them!

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

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Cancer Weekly Horoscope

The lunar cycle is one to watch for those born under the sign of the oceanic crab because, in astrology, Cancer's ruling planet is the moon. It’s like your emissary as it rolls through its cycle from new to full and back again. This Thursday, it’s new moon time, and this one is merged with the two luckiest celestial influencers of them all, Venus (love and beauty) and Jupiter (expansion and luck). In your sphere of dreams, sleep, the mystic, and the collective consciousness, a new moon ritual and intention setting may best be done before bed so you can literally sleep on it. Call in themes around communication, ideas, and loving interaction. And consider your connection to your inner life. As the newly waxing moon glides through your sign for the weekend, feel the feels and expand on the positive ones.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Leo Weekly Horoscope

One of the most compatible signs of the zodiac is in full swing this week as the new moon resets in quick-witted Gemini. Mercury picks up the pace as it also dons the mantle of Gemini on Tuesday. Venus merges with the sun, so share your heart with the ones you love, express your creative side, and remind yourself of what you’re here for. Reset those intentions, Leo, and aim for personal brilliance. In your sphere of larger social groups and connections, it’s time you upped the ante on friending, joining, gaining, or networking with those that fan your flames! Plan what you’re committing to creating, contributing, and experiencing in this sphere over the next year. This is a momentous manifesting moment—make the most of it, then go, go, go toward your vision.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Virgo Weekly Horoscope

As Gemini season's new moon resets on Thursday evening, it’s time to reset your intentions around communication, learning, language, and ideas. In the sphere of your career and public image, consider the message you want to relay to the world at large. Your public profile is powerful; consider, construct, and cultivate it through the ideas you share, the words you use, and the representation you’re providing for others as you create your dreams. There is plenty of luck ripening, so whether it’s a beneficial new connection or many, take the leap. Open up to a variety of people, opinions, and opportunities, see what their offer is and where they may lead. It might feel like you’re chasing a wild rabbit, but this week, that’s the new normal. A wonderful time to find heartfelt connections and express big ideas with generosity, charm, and creativity.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Set your intentions, Libra; the new moon resets on Thursday with an option of penning your literary love story. Or is it honeymoon time? No matter if you’ve had a honeymoon or not, intend not to marry, or would rather stay single. You can still have the best bit! Forever fiancé anyone? Your ruling planet, Venus, is vivacious in the sign of curious Gemini and merged with this new moon, so creative self-expression through comms is a marvelous vision to have. Flowing serendipitously to your sign, the seeds of intentions and planning you set now are like air currents that power your journey over the next year. Communications meet your sphere of travel, education, and philosophy, so explore new cultures, ideas, designs, and perspectives for a positive upshift in your outlook and possibilities.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

It’s ice-hot in your boudoir and mystical sector as a new moon in breezy, curious Gemini clocks in on Thursday. Sharing is caring with this agony and ecstasy of love. Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, blends with this lunation, so set your intentions on what you want to hear, say, feel, and experience so the cosmos, and your subconscious/higher self/the Goddess of love herself, can wish-fulfill. You’ll also have a clearer picture of what you want and don’t want, making it easier to articulate, set boundaries, and know what you’re looking for. Sometimes it’s too easy to slip down a slope of agreeableness and enabling acceptance. You’re a sign that likes to crack the whip and draw out the best in people, so stick to your standards and demand the best treatment, adoration, and effort!

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Seek an absolute twin for the win as the solar principle merges with the luna, forming a new moon in your opposite sign of Gemini. Standing across from the double entendres and wily banter, note who you find yourself standing across the room, a table, or a screen from. Perhaps it’s someone new, your partner, date, or new best friend. Perhaps it's one of many facets depending on the day. "The other" is often a reflection; what do you see? Set your new moon intentions for what you want to feel, experience, and learn in partnership. What are you calling in, and how might you initiate or set the tempo? As a sign that’s often so flexible it forgets to flex first, your responsiveness and adaptability can be used to lead, not just mirror. Flex, Sag, flex!

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

La luna resets as a new moon in your sphere of wellness and work on Thursday. Take this as your sign to commit to that program, nutrition, or routine that builds great health over time. In the sign of Gemini, that could require intellectual stimulation, a coach, a fitness buddy, or all three. In terms of work, it’s essential to air your great ideas, go for collaborative brainstorming, or bounce them off at least one worthy person. Variety is essential in both areas of life, as is adaptability and maintaining a neutral, open mind, with an eye on cold, hard data and facts. Set your intentions and go beyond the grindstone. Be sure you love what you do and do what you love. Spark joy; the pleasure principle is merged with this new moon. Call it down to earth to permeate your world.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Your erogenous zone is surely your mind, Aquarius! As an air sign, intellect, ideas, comms, and cleverness are your language of love. This Thursday’s new moon is archetypally on brand for your dream boat, dream destination, and dream leisurely interlude. In the sign of the twins, Gemini, call in how you wish to spend your time off, romantically, and your creative life. Poetry for two? A writer's room full of witty wordsmiths? Alone at a classic typewriter penning your first novel or S.T.E.M. manifesto for gifted girls? What you can believe, you can perceive, so create in the intentional and imaginal realm, map it out, plan, and take action. Remember, communication is key; make it clear and connect from the heart as well as the mind.

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Home and hearth get the new moon lunar treatment this Thursday as the monthly reset takes place in the domestic sphere. Carve out time to go within, spend time in your inner sanctum and close personal life. Since this one is focused on comms, don’t let it be a mere string-pull chatty Cathy; feel into your truth and share from your heart. Invite friends and siblings to blow through for quick chats, or call to catch up on news. Less focus on the outer world and your professional identity, at least over the darkest phase, could do you good. The pleasure principle strikes a chord over this period, so actively bring beauty and harmony into your world through your connections or using your creative skills to liven up your living space. New moon tip: Declutter so the air and ideas can circulate!

Your Weekly Horoscope: Week of June 8th

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