A Mother’s Life:- Silent Love Meditating Through Her Eyes

  • Vansh MalhotrabronzeAuthor: Vansh Malhotra Publish date: Sunday، 24 September 2023
A Mother’s Life:- Silent Love Meditating Through Her Eyes

Whenever we think of any profession, our first reaction focuses on the hard work and perseverance required to attain that level. We get inspired seeing how CEOs, doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, and even teachers work passionately day and night for their goals by being ambitious and manifesting success. We derive motivation from iconic figures from such fields and often dream of becoming like them one day. However, most of us fail to perceive the vibrations of the silent love meditating through a mother’s eyes as we get engrossed in our aspiring love towards achievement. A mother’s life  is an invisible career that cannot be achieved through completing any degree or passing any interview. It is an unpaid profession of nurturing loved ones without any expectations except for one: dancing in their happiness. The bond of love that a mother shares with her children is eternal and impossible to describe in any article. When the baby starts breathing in her womb, she vibrates with a new life as she can feel its feelings. She is the only patient employee who smiles and laughs at her pain when her baby kicks her in the stomach because she does not care for herself; she wants nothing from anyone; she just wants to giggle so that her child never experiences sadness. 


A Mother’s Life:- Silent Love Meditating Through Her Eyes

When a mother holds her baby for the first time in her hands, it is one of the most unique and priceless moments of life because that is the first and the last time you will hear her laugh while seeing her baby cry. She rejoices as she cuddles her baby into her arms and bestows it with blessings. A mother is an oxymoron of weakness and strength:- she will feel lifeless if her kids feel down, and she will feel the mightiest if her kids are soaring high in the sky. 


A Mother’s Life:- Silent Love Meditating Through Her Eyes

I became aware of this divine relationship between a mother and her children while observing my mother’s life journey, who sacrificed her identity to achieve her goals in life the moment I was born. I have seen her patiently working as a housewife almost my whole life, raising all her loved ones with affection and kindness. Hard work and challenges never killed her spirit. The only thing that attacks her is betrayal because she just wishes for love from every one, no rewards or perks. My mother is an example of a fighter who always gets up whenever any obstacle pushes her down; she rises and attacks anything and everything with her sword of love; Nothing stops her from marching forward and protecting me if I ever lose my balance. My mom made me realize the value of a mother’s life, and I feel lucky to be a part of it, as it is a synonym for inspiration.

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