• Publish date: Friday، 10 May 2024

Nestled in the sun-kissed land of Sicily, the sandy soil of Castelvetrano, richly endowed with underground water sources, combines with a unique microclimate to set the perfect base for the cultivation of citruses. The resulting fruits express distinctive olfactory nuances, embodying the singularity of this unparalleled terroir.

Home to splendid trees and exquisite fruits, the lush Sicilian fields of mandarins and citrus fruits are fondly referred to as Giardini mirroring the beauty and preciousness of private villa gardens. In an ode to this unique land, Acqua di Parma presents two new Blu Mediterraneo fragrances made exceptional through the selection of early harvest fruits as its star ingredient. Harvested unripe, these precious green mandarins lend characteristic vibrant and green olfactory notes to the new compositions.

Essential and sophisticated, Blu Mediterraneo Mandarino di Sicilia is inspired by Sicily’s sun-drenched landscapes, where architecture and culture merge with nature’s splendor. Luminous and brimming with the Mediterranean sun, the fragrance opens with the invigorating aroma of green mandarin, sparkling with an effervescent blend of bergamot, lemon, and juicy red orange. This combination wraps the scent in the brightness of a Sicilian summer, radiating intense emerald nuances and a lively freshness. In its heart, the green hue of the mandarin meets the freshness of petit- grain and spearmint in a blend that extends the scent’s longevity. The cedarwood base note completes this green sensation, while musk adds a clean, sophisticated brilliance. Mandarino di Sicilia comes in the iconic Acqua di Parma bottle, a must- have design object with Art Deco influences. The glass, which is pure, luxurious, and thick, is tinged with a deep blue that, in a play of reflections, evokes the transparency of the sea.

The singularity of the terrain and the early harvest fruits are further expressed through the limited-edition Blu Mediterraneo Mandarino Millesimato. A limited-edition of 2022 pieces, it is a celebration of the early harvest in October 2022 that gives life to an essence that is vibrant, multifaceted, and sophisticated.

Mandarino Millesimato is the fruit of a notably sunny and dry summer in 2022, which often yields bounties that are surprisingly juicier. The Tardivo di Ciaculli mandarins are then specifically harvested by hand early in October to capture its unique vivid, fresh, and invigorating profile of juicy and sharp undertones. The essence of green mandarin is expertly blended with a lively array of Italian citrus notes - bergamot, lemon, and red orange - enhancing its brilliance with fresh, juicy tones. The intensity of petit grain and cool spearmint elevates its green and tonic accents, leading to a heart of fragrance where deep, aromatic cedarwood provides balance and support at the base. The final trail of musk refines the jus, evoking an elegant landscape where the most precious essences can express their sophisticated authenticity. Encased in a refined porcelain bottle, it’s a product of masterful hands that craft singularity. The iconic Blu Mediterraneo hue of Acqua di Parma is achieved through a multi-step artisanal process. Encapsulating the richness of Sicily and its abundance, the two new Acqua di Parma creations reflect the Maison’s savoir-faire in making unique masterpieces where the Arte di Vivere is a state of mind.

Discover Acqua di Parma’s Blu Mediterraneo collection launching on the 2nd of May at their boutiques that can be found at the following locations: The Dubai Mall, The Dubai Hills Mall in Dubai and Place Vendome, Lusail Marina District, Lusail, in Qatar.

You can also explore Acqua di Parma's luxurious fragrances and lifestyle products online at https://www.acquadiparma.com/en/ae/

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