Best Places for Camping in UAE

  • Publish date: Monday، 18 April 2022
Best Places for Camping in UAE

UAE is filled with wonderful places for camping, where you can enjoy sleeping in nature under the sky while looking at the stars that can be seen clearly from there. Are you wondering where to camp in UAE? Here is a list of the best places for camping in the UAE.

Top Places for Camping in UAE

The list below includes names of places to camp by getting your camping tool and using your own camping experience. In addition to names for camping resorts where everything is set for you to enjoy a luxurious camping experience. 

Resorts and Camps in UAE  

The following resorts and camps will provide you with a luxurious camping experience with high-end facilities: 

  • Arabian Night Village  

  • Bab Al Nojoum-Hudayriyat  

  • Jebel Hafit Desert Park  

  • Starlight Camp  

  • Banana Beach  

  • Longbeach Campground  

Carnivals for Camping in UAE  

The Carnival is a ready place to camp as well, but not as luxurious as the resorts above:   

  • Bianky Beach Camp  

  • Carvan Al Zawra  

  • Hatta Tourist Camp  

  • The Retreat Camp  

  • MySky Moon  

  • Hatta Caravan Park  

Camping Places in Nature  

The following places provide you with the real camping experience, where you will use your own camping experience and get your camping tools:   

  • Jabal Ali Beach  

  • Al Qudra Lake  

  • Hatta Wadi Hub 

  • Maleiha Deset Camp 

  • Liwa Camps  

  • Al Sufouh Beach  

  • Awafe Desert Camp  

  • Al Badayer Desert Camp  

  • Al Fyaya Desert Camp  

  • Al Wathba Deset Camp  

  • Al Aqabh Beach Camping  

  • Jabal Jais Camping  

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