Top Haunted Places In UAE We Dare You To Visit

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 13 October 2021 Last update: Monday، 31 October 2022
Top Haunted Places In UAE We Dare You To Visit

UAE is such a modern country that has created a very different sensation in the world containing extremely high buildings, in fact, it's got one of the highest buildings in the world and one of the most visited destinations in the world. However, if you visit some old corners of UAE you might notice the presence of some paranormal activities and things not seen by the human eye.

Many stories have been shared by those places and if you are a lover of everything horror then we do recommend that you visit those haunted places in UAE .

We give you a warning though these places are not for the light-hearted!

4 haunted places with real stories in UAE

We chose the most haunted places in UAE that are extremely scary as a challenge for you to visit this October

1. Building 33 at Al Khail Gate

Once we start talking about haunted places in UAE , one of them really strikes the mind is building 33 at Al Khail Gate, this place is one of the creepiest places in Dubai, UAE, 3 people committed suicide here before, and a lot of old residents always had an issue of their items disappearing and appearing in random places, it was once inhabited by McDonald’s staff it got so many complaints of being haunted that the company eventually moved them out, the owners denied that and said it is only because of plumbing issues, then decided to keep it under maintenance and shut it till it is renovated.

al khail gate

2 - Al Qasimi Palace

Palaces, in general, have got this scary aura surrounding them this place is a very expensive Palace, but now this place has been left to rot and in Ruins, as its own members have experienced strange events even people who lived near this place has mentioned that on some nights they hear strange sounds or screams and sometimes they caught glimpses of children looking out of the windows! As if that is not spooky enough!

The architectural design of it added to its’ creepiness as it is not uniformed in design at all unlike palaces that were built during those times, also if you ask the guards about stories they heard or things they witnessed, they would say that they once heard children laughing or crying around the place although it is abandoned.

Visitors that walked nearby this place said that it was so creepy for them that it was a very Unforgettable experience which is why this haunted Palace remains as one of the top haunted places to visit in UAE it is only a half an hour drive from the city itself but we do recommend that you do not go alone for your own safety.


3. Jazirat Al Hamra -The town full of the ghosts

If we were going to mention the top haunted places in UAE then Jazirat Al Hamra known as the town of the ghosts is one of the most visited and the scariest haunted places in UAE , it became very famous for being a haunted place when the tribes that used to live in it left it. 

All locals would also give you a very huge warning to stay away from this place as it is surrounded by mystery however if you are looking for a place to get the Spooks then this ghost town is the number one on our list this abandoned place in UAE and it is very famous for its ghosts’ activities, if you actually can speak Arabic and sit around with the locals you would hear many stories about people that went to this place after Dawn and had weird things happen to them, of course, there's no one that lives here nowadays and if you are looking to do something crazy this Halloween then we definitely recommend that you visit this place

4. Pan emirates tunnel

Every time a person walks down through a tunnel, it seems like its’ far and dark, which by itself gives you some sort of anticipation that something might be waiting at the end of that tunnel, or even something might suddenly appear from behind.

The Pan emirates tunnel has got a lot of stories and rumors surrounding it, a lot of tourists and visitors have mentioned that they did experience a paranormal activity there which is why it remains one of the top haunted places in UAE .

haunted place dubai

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