Did You Know That Apple's Mac Event Was Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max?

  • Publish date: Thursday، 02 November 2023
Did You Know That Apple's Mac Event Was Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Apple's most recent Mac event marked a historic occasion as it was filmed entirely using an iPhone 15 Pro Max. This event signifies the inaugural use of an iPhone for capturing the entirety of an Apple event.

The latest iPhones, unveiled in September, boast the capability to record in ProRes Log at 60 frames per second. This innovative feature combines the advantages of the ProRes format, known for its minimal compression, with the Log color format employed in the film industry to achieve precise color correction.

Watch the video here:


During the event, Apple unveiled a trio of chips within the M3 family: the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max, along with two compatible devices. The iMac received an upgrade featuring the M3 chip, while the MacBook Pro incorporated all three variations. Furthermore, a new entry-level version of the 14-inch model adopted the M3 chip, while the Pro and Max chips were designated for the higher-priced 14- and 16-inch models, which also introduced an exclusive black finish.

Apple's production team also utilized professional filmmaking equipment like drones, dollies, cranes, and lighting, in addition to a highly skilled crew. This was done to ensure that the video footage maintained a professional appearance before it was sent for editing, a task that, as anticipated, was carried out on a Mac.

The utilization of the iPhone for professional content creation is not a novel concept. Back in 2015, a film called Tangerine garnered attention at the Sundance Film Festival for its complete iPhone-based production.

Additionally, Olivia Rodrigo also employed an iPhone to shoot one of her music videos, and Indian film director Vishal Bharadwaj partnered with Apple to create the short film "Fursat," exclusively using an iPhone. This instance marks Apple's initial foray into such ventures, and it appears to have yielded favorable results.

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