Best Eid Gift Ideas to Look For in The UAE

  • Publish date: Friday، 07 May 2021 Last update: Thursday، 23 June 2022

As Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid Al Fitr is around the corner, we look for the best Eid Gifts option to shower our loved ones with.

Everyone loves gifts, and if you are now shopping to buy your loved ones or even kid’s gifts, then here is your ultimate guide.

  • Toys for children

boy sitting on white cloth surrounded by toys

Toys are great gifts as children are the happiest when they receive toys as gifts on Eid. Sure, giving children money would allow them to get anything they like. But, if your children are still small, they would not know what to do with the money afterwards though they would love the thrill of getting Eidi. So, you can give them a toy instead.

  • Money as in Eidi

copper-colored coins on in person

Money is the most common gift given on this day. You can even gift money in special purses to make it more appealing. Money can be used to get anything they like, so your children can use it in any way they like. They can spend it on their favorite soft toy or save up to buy something bigger and more expensive.

  • Perfume and clothes

woman standing inside clothing area

With Eid gatherings and outings probably happening this is a great gift for kids and adults to not only feel good but also look and smell good.

  • Gift baskets

person holding pink and white heart paper

A good alternative to buying individual gifts is to buy a gift basket. This is a basket that has a lot of products which your family members can use every day. It could be either store-bought items or handmade ones. You can go for a basket which contains essential skin and hair care products, toys, food, clothes, etc. 

A gift is a gift and so there is no wrong or right in purchasing a gift!

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