Horoscope: This is What Stars Have for Your Love Life

May 30 to June 5, 2022

  • Publish date: Tuesday، 31 May 2022
Horoscope: This is What Stars Have for Your Love Life

Month of May is ending, and this week sees the transition of May to the beginning of June. Life will show some changes but good or bad is up to your stars. Here is what celeb astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji has predicted in your weekly love horoscope, as per zodiac signs, between May 30 to June 5. Scroll down to know what your zodiac’s love life may be like.


Stay honest, use the right words, you will be fine. Your love interest may act differently and that may alarm you a bit, it could be because you are not being completely truthful with the person and he/she suspects something.


Discover new locations to take your partner out on a romantic date. Plan a small trip if you can to some nice place. Balance your work with pleasure.


You will have a good week. You may even bump into someone extraordinary.


It is a new week, the beginning of a new month and you must start afresh. Stop moping around and make an effort to liven up your mood.


You need to stop second guessing your moves even if it is your relationship. Quit doubting yourself and your decision of being in the current relationship. If you like someone, you may have to take that step and let the person know, begin with dropping hints.


You will get that gratitude and acknowledgement that you have been looking forward to from your partner. Steer clear of the topic that angers him/her so much.


Act now so that you do not repent later. Don’t lose your love interest due to your own presumptions that it may not work. It is possible that the person has been expecting you to make that move.


There are some arguments foreseen and they cannot be avoided. But what you can do is keep a check on your reactions, temperament and behavior. Prioritize the needs of your partner, you will feel good too.


You won’t be in the mood to discuss irrelevant matters but remember that what is irrelevant for you might be relevant for your partner or love interest. Enjoy the time that you have, be a good listener.


Your partner will be in the mood to talk, open up about things they fear so much. All you are required to do is pay full attention. You may be able to put two and two together. Certain actions of your partner will make sense and this week you will forge a stronger bond.


Go on that binge eating trip this week! Go tapri hopping or street food exploration with your partner. You will see a side of your partner that you didn’t know existed and life will suddenly make more sense with them. If you are unhappy with your partner, see if you can still work it out.


Your views about certain aspects in life may change and that is okay. Your partner may get a bit confused, but it is your job to make them understand what’s up with you. Communicate because it will help your love lives.