LG ThinQ: One Smart App Connecting All your LG Devices

  • Publish date: Monday، 11 October 2021
LG ThinQ: One Smart App Connecting All your LG Devices

We always worry about having everything under our control, as it sometimes gets hard to manage more than one thing at once. Especially when it comes to our electronic devices because those are an essential aspect of our everyday life, and with new discoveries that we constantly see with technologies our daily chores are continually getting easier. What if we tell you that you can have the ultimate experience of controlling all your appliances and devices with only one smart application? Well, it is possible with LG ThinQ Smart App that helps you control your LG devices with a simple click.

Smart Home Experience with LG ThinQ

LG created the ThinQ app to seamlessly connect with the company's AI-enabled products and services that are connected to Wi-Fi and can be controlled remotely, enabling the user to access and control their compatible appliances even when they’re away from home.

The app also features intelligent features which optimize product performance that reduce energy use; therefore, saving you money. The smart app will memorize and analyze your daily habits to anticipate problems before they even arise.

Makes your Life Easier

Imagine this, you’re coming back home after a long day of school or work, and your AC temperature is already adjusted to your preference, and you feel relaxed in a nice environment. All of this is assured using LG ThinQ app where you can turn on your AC and select your ideal room temperature before arriving home.

It can also be used as a remote control, enabling a variety of TV functions, from volume controls to channel switching, or even viewing TV guides directly from the app.

Your Personal Reminder

How many times do you get paranoid during your day after leaving your house do you get thinking if you have closed the fridge door or left any of your appliances on? Well LG ThinQ App easily solves this problem by continuously sending alerts and reminders on the status of your devices. Along with its energy-saving features, the app displays air quality and water filter modes.

In addition, LG ThinQ provides users with the remaining time on a washing machine cycle. You will no longer have to keep checking on your washing machine every passing minute.

All of this is possible because LG ThinQ’s has a Smart Diagnosis feature that provides users with tips and tricks to extend the life of their home appliances and electronics. It can also diagnose an issue, alerting the user with steps to get the device up and running again with ease, should intervention be needed.

Providing What’s Best for You

LG ThinQ will connect with you on a personal level, meaning it will be able to intelligently keep track of your choices and preferences and personalize settings according to what’s perfect for you.

Users can customize the use of the same device, depending on their preferences and usage patterns, so that it is tailored to each user specifically. Using the LG ThinQ app, LG takes this a step further by making suggestions to the user based on data gathered from the appliance.

LG InstaView refrigerator can automatically recognize peak usage periods and adjust its cooling levels according to the rhythm of the home. Furthermore, LG's PuriCare Air Purifier can be scheduled to run immediately after users return home from work - giving them peace of mind that their home stays refreshing and comfortably cool.

LG is always looking for new ways to enhance their users’ experience for them to get the best advanced and innovative technologies. For example, if you are an Arabic Speaking LG user, LG ThinQ mobile app is available in Arabic so you will get a more comfortable and personalized experience.  

The ThinQ mobile app is available on both Android and iOS devices via Google Play and the App Store respectively.

In conclusion, LG ThinQ app has been a key smart home app for advocates since 2016, bringing together their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices with their home appliances and entertainment systems.

You can visit LG Electronics' main website for more information on the app’s smart connectivity and advanced features.

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