LG Vivace Washer & Dryer... Intelligent Fabric Care

  • Publish date: Wednesday، 01 June 2022
LG Vivace Washer & Dryer... Intelligent Fabric Care

With the development of technology, washing machine tasks are no longer limited to cleaning clothes; but also reduce dust mites from cloth that can cause allergy or respiratory issues by up to 99.99%. An example of this type of washing machine is LG Vivace Washer & Dryer, which gives you intelligent fabric care and includes advantages that make it a perfect choice. 

Additional Fabric Protection

LG Vivace Washer & Dryer provide intelligent care with 18% more fabric protection, thanks to AI DD™ technology that offers the most optimized washing motion that gives extra care to your laundry. The AI DD™ take care of your laundry by detecting the weight, sensing softness of fabric, and choosing the optimal motions for the fabric by itself.


99.9% Allergen Removal

Your laundry will be more hygienic with LG Vivace Washer & Dryer through LG Steam™ technology that eliminates 99.9% of allergens, such as dust mites that can cause allergy or respiratory issues.

LG Vivace Washer & Dryer... Intelligent Fabric Care

Same Size... Bigger Capacity 

LG Vivace Washer & Dryer is perfect for families since it has a bigger drum capacity. However, it maintains the exact size of the smaller capacity washing machines but with bigger drum capacity.

Durable and Elegant

With LG Vivace Washer & Dryer, you’ll not have to choose between elegance or durability, as this washing machine combines both, plus it is more visible and hygienic. The washing machine has a beautiful metallic finish, a more visible display, and a bigger knob size. In addition, it has a durable and elegant tempered glass door and a developed hygienic and durable stainless lifter.


Go ™TWINWash!

It is possible to plus a TWINWash™ Mini to your LG Vivace Washer & Dryer to suit your lifestyle and interior design needs.

LG Vivace Washer & Dryer... Intelligent Fabric Care

Smart Manage

You can manage LG Vivace Washer & Dryer with the LG ThinQ app from operating your laundry remotely to downloading additional cycles.