No More Spreading Rumors Or False News with Al-Ameen

  • Publish date: Friday، 14 January 2022
No More Spreading Rumors Or False News with Al-Ameen

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Multi Spreading rumor and false news is a punishable crime in UAE; charges differ according to the severity of the fake news, but this is to maintain integrity and honesty from all media outlets and people in the UAE, reducing the dangers of spreading false rumors or propaganda to people. 

Law No.34 of the year 2021 has introduced crimes committed online and cybercrimes as punishable crimes to the old federal law No.5 published in 2012, and the punishment became even harsher. However, people can report all crimes anonymously if they prefer through Al-Ameen service launched by The State Security Department of the Dubai Police.

Let us dive in together and learn about reporting false news from A to Z through Al-Ameen service.

Do you know what Al-Ameen service is?

Al-Ameen service was launched back in September 2003; this service can be used to communicate with the authorities of Dubai anonymously without having to give ones’ ID, picture, or any personal information, for the integrity and safety of people living in Dubai, anyone can report anything using SMS on your smartphone or emailing them directly, even through fax or Toll-free phones, it is very important to act as one hand. 

Why was Al-Ameen service launched?

To maintain security and keep it more substantial as a threshold for the residents of Dubai, this system was launched and can be used by tourists for any complaints, not only the residents.

The system provides safe and 24-7 active communication. To guarantee a positive impact on society for sharing information, not disclosing ones’ identity is very important. Some people hesitate to report crimes or false news, worrying about a backfiring effect.

The UAE government launched many digital services for society, and Al Ameen is one of them to provide people with the ability to voice out their concerns freely with no reason to be afraid.

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Use Al-Ameen Around the clock with top-notch features

Al-Ameen service was designed with S class features to ensure that everyone can provide information and get the help they need anytime they would like to; those features include:

  • 24-7 availability
  • Safety and confidentiality of the information provider, no legal accountability will be held against those who communicate with the service
  • Different communication methods
  • Accepts all kinds of alerts and information, whether social, political, economic or propaganda
  • It aims to build and develop a luxurious, safe society for all people
  • Being able to connect to police at any time of the day in Dubai to solve all issues

 But how can you use Al-Alameen service? Read more to find out more.

Easy steps to use Al-Ameen service

Reporting fake news or rumors is very easy through this service:

  • First, head over to their main website Al-Ameen
  • Then, click on Report incident from the homepage
  • Insert all the required information:
    • Incident type, for example, in cases of spreading fake news, choose public opinion or others
    • Location of the incident
    • Insert the date
    • Type in the Email
    • Phone number
    • Description
    • Upload any images or screenshots for the complaint you are filing
    • Press submit

Submit incident

What is the charge for spreading false news in Dubai?

Spreading false news or rumors, or publishing or even republishing false news in Dubai can be a grave crime; it is punishable by law with:

  • Up to 1 year in Jail, and a fine of 100,000 DH

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Service contact information for Al-Ameen

Tourists or residents in Dubai can contact Al-Ameen service to report any incidents of spreading false news through:

  • SMS: 4444
  • Al-Ameen toll-free number within Dubai: 800-4888
  • Al-Ameen Contact number outside Dubai: +971-500-4888
  • Al-Ameen WhatsApp number: 050-856-6657
  • Al-Ameen Email address:
  • Al-Ameen Twitter: @AlAmeenService

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Common Questions & answers 

How many languages are supported by Al-Ameen?

You can file a complaint in four different languages:

  • Arabic
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Malayalam

What Crimes Can I report through Al-Ameen other than fake news?

You can submit different types of incidents even Cyber-bullying, not only spreading fake or false news, such as:

  • Insults of any Divine Being
  • Insults directed towards the state or the rulers
  • Insults towards any religious figures
  • Money laundry crimes
  • Negative phenomena
  • Pamphlet distribution 
  • Capturing images of vital facilities illegally
  • Ownership of firearms
  • Making security remarks
  • Strikes
  • Suspicion of people belonging to an extremist group
  • Suspicious money-gathering
  • Suspicious of illegal money transfers
  • Public opinions
  • All kinds of threats
  • Any other crime that is punishable by UAE law or directly affects your well-being

Security and safety in society can only be obtained if we all work together, fear not, and stop the spread of false news online using Al-Ameen service in Dubai; for more information, visit Al-Ameen main website, and stay tuned with us UAEmoments your No.1 safe and trusted news source.